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4 Grand Challenges to put the UK at the forefront of the industries of the future.

The Industrial Strategy

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The Industrial Strategy is the UK government’s long-term plan to raise productivity and earning power in the UK by investing in world-leading research and highly innovative businesses. The purpose of the Industrial Strategy is to address the biggest industrial and societal challenges today.

Each of these challenges will focus on a specific problem, bringing government, businesses and academics together across the country.

The Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund

As part of the Industrial Strategy, the government has allocated the Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund (ISCF). It is based on 4 Grand Challenges identified by Government that demonstrate that the UK has a world-leading research base and businesses are ready to innovate within a fast-growing, sustainable global market.

We're keen to hear from businesses who are working within the Grand Challenges on innovative products and services that serve a global market. At Oxford, we have extensive experience of applying for and winning ISCF investment. We can also offer a tremendous range of cross-disciplinary research experience, which is a key factor in attracting this funding. - Dr Deborah Spencer, Industrial Strategy lead University of Oxford

The challenges are:

  • Artificial Intelligence and Data
  • Ageing Society
  • Clean Growth
  • Future of Mobility

All funding bids must involve partnerships with businesses and/or industry partners based in the UK. It is possible to work with a global industry partner, as long as they have an R&D centre based in the UK.

The University of Oxford has been successful in winning ISCF funding by leading on, or partnering with, businesses both large and small, as well as other universities.

To view current opportunities go to the Innovate UK website.

If you are interested in partnering with University of Oxford on Industrial Challenge Strategy Fund opportunities please contact:

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The Oxfordshire Local Industrial Strategy

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Tel: +44(0) 1865 616570

Oxfordshire is a globally renowned county with one of the strongest economies in the UK and a successful record securing investment to promote growth. The Oxfordshire Local Industrial Strategy (LIS) has been developed in response to the Government’s UK Industrial Strategy, which aims to increase growth and productivity across the country and create more prosperous communities. The Oxford Local Industrial Strategy drives Oxfordshire's ambition to become one of the top three global innovation ecosystems by 2040.