Radcliffe Humanities opens on ROQ

Radcliffe Humanities was officially opened on the Radcliffe Observatory Quarter site yesterday (22 October 2012).

The refurbishment of the building, which was formerly the Radcliffe Infirmary, was completed in August 2012.

The Humanities Divisional Office, Faculty of Philosophy, and Philosophy and Theology Libraries are already occupying the building.

At the opening, Vice-Chancellor Professor Andrew Hamilton and Head of Humanities Professor Shearer West cut a ribbon at the door of the building. A flag was also raised above the building and a replica of the 1858 fountain of Triton in the courtyard was turned on.

Professor Shearer West, Head of the Humanities Division, said: 'We are delighted with the refurbishment of what is now the Radcliffe Humanities building. The building is a crucial first step for Humanities' presence on the Radcliffe Observatory Quarter site.'

Mike Wigg, head of capital projects at Estates Services, said: ‘The project has largely taken the building back to the layouts that were in place when the building was first constructed. The end wings, which were ward blocks, have been converted into open-plan office areas, so in many ways we have kept the original concept of the design.

'The refurbishment was really well received at Oxford Open Doors weekend in September, when more than a thousand people visited the building.’

The Maths building will be the next to be completed on the ROQ. It is currently being clad and is on time and budget to be ready for students and staff for Michaelmas Term 2013.