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If you are interested in graduate study for a start in the 2021-22 academic year, check the Graduate Admissions website. The website includes detailed information on courses, fees, scholarships, and much more.  View our application guide to find out how to get started.

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If you are looking to apply for undergraduate study, please refer to the information for undergraduate applicants. If you are an offer holder, please go to the information for current students and offer holders.

FAQs for graduate applicants

What are the deadlines for applications? Have there been any changes due to the pandemic?

The deadlines for each course are stated on the course page. Most course deadlines are on a Friday at 12.00 midday UK time and there are not currently any changes to these due to the pandemic.

Many courses use more than one deadline. You can apply to any deadline given on the course page for your chosen course, but you should try to apply to the earliest deadline available.

Almost all courses have a January deadline. You must apply by the January deadline for your course if you wish to be considered for Oxford scholarships, or any scholarship which uses this deadline.

You'll usually receive a decision from your academic department about 8 to 10 weeks after the deadline to which you have applied.

I am applying for a course but I cannot get hold of a copy of my transcript?

Many institutions provide electronic transcripts via an approved, secure third-party provider. Please check with your institution whether they are providing such transcripts, and if yes, request a copy to be sent to If you are unable to get hold of either an electronic copy or a scan of a hard copy of your transcript, please upload with your application a download from your institution's student self-service portal (if available) showing your name, the institution and the grades you have achieved. If you cannot obtain any documentation of your grades, you should upload correspondence from the institution confirming that they cannot provide a transcript.

If your institution has made any changes to grading arrangements due to the pandemic, you should also ask your referees to provide information on your degree results and marks in their reference, if they can.

Please note that if your application is successful, and if you have not been able to provide a suitable transcript of your qualifications, the academic department will set this as an academic condition.

What will happen if I am shortlisted for an interview?

If you are shortlisted for a course that requires an interview, this will be conducted remotely. You can check if the course you have applied for usually conducts interviews on the course page. The academic department will be in contact with you beforehand to confirm the arrangements with you.

I’m an applicant, and I need to post an additional document in support of my application. What should I do?

If you have not submitted your application yet, please scan your document and upload it as part of your application form. Please do not post documents due to disruption to postal services. If you have already posted a document, please re-send it electronically using the document upload portal.

Can I apply for graduate study at Oxford with an Oxford Declared Award or an unclassified degree from another institution?

Oxford’s Declared Awards and other institutions’ unclassified degrees awarded in 2020 as a result of the pandemic will be considered as sufficient to apply to Oxford, and will be assessed by departments alongside all other materials submitted as part of the application process.

Some of my teaching/assessment/internship/research project did not take place due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Will this affect my application?

We recognise that some applicants may have been affected by changes to their academic experience or personal circumstances that may have had an impact on the strength of their application. To ensure our academic assessors can understand the impact of these on your application, the application form includes a section for you to declare significant relevant extenuating circumstances. This section may be used to declare circumstances resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic, or for other circumstances (eg bereavement or mental/physical health issues). Further information is available in our application guide.

Are there any changes to English Language requirements due to COVID-19?

There are not currently any changes to English Language requirements due to the pandemic for those applying for courses for 2021/22 entry. You can find out more about English language requirements on the Graduate Admissions webpages.

What will the impact of COVID-19 be for courses starting in September 2021?

We are fully committed to delivering an outstanding academic experience to our students, to maintaining our focus on personalised teaching, and to the safety and wellbeing of our entire community. It is too early to say exactly what the situation will be in September 2021; if you receive an offer of a place at Oxford, we will send regular updates on our plans in line with government guidance and health advice.

You can review the coronavirus information for current students which provides an overview of measures for 2020.

Who should I contact if I have a question?

If you are applying for a course or have a general enquiry, please use this online form to contact the Graduate Admissions and Recruitment Office. 

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