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Careers advice and support

Comprehensive careers advice and support for all our graduate students is available from our expert Careers Service, and not just while you’re here: our careers support is for life.

The careers service offers tailored advice, access to job fairs and a range of workshops to support careers in research. You'll also have access to thousands of UK-based and international internships, work experience and jobs while you're studying at Oxford.

The Careers Service has developed an area of its website, CareerConnect, where Oxford students, alumni and current research staff can search upcoming events, book appointments, and find jobs. They also have a blog to keep you up to date on new opportunities as they arise.

Specialist careers support from academic departments

Some departments also offer support to graduate students, that tackle the individual needs of individuals who are studying that subject area.

For example, the Faculty of Philosophy runs a placement scheme which supports graduate research students pursuing an academic career from their final year until they secure a tenure track or permanent position in philosophy. As well as providing advice and guidance, the scheme runs mock interviews and can help you perfect your CV and application materials. 

The Department of Chemistry runs an annual careers conference for graduate students, as well as other services including CV workshops and hosting visits from industry employers.

Many other departments offer their own tailored advice and guidance to their students. Look on the website for the department(s) you are interested in to find out more. 

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