Two students working on laptops
Students working in the OII
(Image Credit: Rob Judges Photography)

Oxford Internet Institute

The OII is a dynamic and innovative department for research and teaching relating to the Internet, located in a world-leading traditional research university. The multidisciplinary OII offers the opportunity to study academic, practical and policy-related issues that can only be understood by drawing on contributions from many different fields.

The Oxford Internet Institute is the only major department in a top-ranked international university to offer multidisciplinary courses in the social sciences focusing on the Internet. The OII attracts top students drawn from a variety of different disciplines.

The MSc in Social Science of the Internet provides an in-depth understanding of concepts, theories and methods required for rigorous empirical research or policy analysis of Internet-related issues.

The DPhil in Information, Communication and the Social Sciences is an inclusive, multi-disciplinary degree, offering high-quality supervision from leading academics working across a wide variety of topics related to the Internet. This is combined with tailored training in research methods and graduate skills, focusing on a broad range of qualitative and quantitative approaches to understanding the Internet.

The MSc in Social Data Science offers the ability to manipulate and analyse large volumes of data. This is becoming a core social science skill and in high demand in the job market. Social data science offers an approach where the data relates to individual and social behaviour and a social science, with generation and analysis of real-time transactional data at its centre.

The DPhil in Social Data Science combines high-quality supervision from leading academics with training emphasising the research applications of social data that has been generated digitally.


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