Two students working on laptops
Students working in the OII
(Image Credit: Rob Judges Photography)
Social Sciences Division

Oxford Internet Institute

The Oxford Internet Institute (OII) is a dynamic and innovative department for research and teaching relating to the Internet, located in a world-leading traditional research university. The multidisciplinary OII offers the opportunity to study academic, practical and policy-related issues that can only be understood by drawing on contributions from many different fields.

The OII is the only major department in a top-ranked international university to offer multidisciplinary courses in the social sciences dedicated to understanding the impact of the Internet, data, and information technologies on society. We offer masters and doctoral level education across several degrees focused on social data science or the social science of the Internet and technology.

Digital connections are now embedded in almost every aspect of our daily lives, and research on individual and collective behaviour online is crucial to understanding our social, economic and political world. As a fully multi-disciplinary department, we offer our students the opportunity to study academic, practical and policy-related issues and pursue cutting-edge research into the societal implications of the Internet and digital technologies.

Our academic faculty and graduate students are drawn from many different disciplines: we believe this combined approach is essential to tackle society’s big questions. Together, we aim to positively shape the development of our digital world for the public good.


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