A 3D x-ray of a blowfly
Visualisations of a blowfly thorax created using in-vivo time-resolved microtomography, highlighting several tiny steering muscles (green-blue) alongside the much larger power muscles (yellow-red)
(Image Credit: Dr Simon Walker, Department of Zoology)


The Department of Zoology carries out research on a very broad range of topics, though with an emphasis on problems involving how organisms evolve and interact with their environment. The department is within the Mathematical, Physical and Life Sciences Division.

Zoology is scheduled to merge with Plant Sciences in 2022 forming a new Department of Biology which is committed to maintaining the quality of its teaching and research in zoology under the new DPhil in Biology.

The department's research is organised into four broad themes: evolution and development; behaviour; ecology and conservation; and infectious disease.

There is considerable overlap between these themes, with many members of the department working in more than one theme, and many research projects that cut across theme boundaries. Indeed, a key characteristic of the department is that it works as a well-integrated whole with collaborations developing naturally between researchers working on diverse topics.


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