Close up of large metal machinery in a lab
Laboratory work for the DPhil in Inorganic Chemistry
(Image Credit: Chenbo Wang / Graduate Photography Competition)
Mathematical, Physical and Life Sciences Division


As a student on one of Oxford's research degree programmes in materials, you will be part of one of the top-ranked materials departments in the world.

The department's vibrant materials research community consists of around 30 academic staff, 12 Senior Research Fellows, and around 240 DPhil students and 80 postdoctoral researchers. Research students are of many nationalities and come to the department from diverse scientific backgrounds.

Leading-edge research is carried out across a wide range of materials science, ranging from atomic-scale characterization, through state-of-the-art materials modelling, to pilot industrial-scale processing. 

Research students in the Department of Materials are also members of the University's MPLS Graduate School, which provides a wide range of support and training in addition to that offered by the department.


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