A student in a lab coat cutting DNA
Cutting DNA bands from an agarose gel in the laboratory
(Image Credit: Laurynas Pliuskys / Graduate Photography Competition)
Medical Sciences Division

Sir William Dunn School of Pathology

Research at the Dunn School addresses the fundamental causes of human disease and the development of new approaches to therapy. 

The Dunn School is a world-class biomedical research department with an outstanding track record. Over 300 scientists from more than 30 countries aim to discover the molecular and cellular mechanisms that underlie human health and disease. Famous for the development of penicillin and cephalosporin antibiotics, this is a dynamic, innovative, and growing department located in beautiful surroundings near the historic centre of Oxford.

The department offers students opportunities to do research in a wide range of areas, including cell biology, stem cells, development, infection, immunity, cancer and genome stability.

The department has around 70 graduate students at any one time, of whom at least half are from outside the UK. The department is large and well-funded, and able to offer graduate students plenty of space and outstanding facilities. Students benefit from the department's close proximity to colleges, libraries and other facilities in the University Science Area.

The department is very friendly and sociable with a popular central cafeteria and recreational area. The very enthusiastic graduate students’ association arranges many social activities, as well as science and networking events.


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