Close up of a brain scan coloured in blue and yellow
Expression of YFP in the hippocampus
(Image Credit: Michael Kohl)
Medical Sciences Division


Oxford Neuroscience is represented by a thriving research community based across a number of departments in the University, with interests spanning molecular medicine to cognitive science. 

With this large concentration of resources and a wide range of research and teaching expertise, two innovative graduate courses are offered: the four-year Doctoral Training Programme in Neuroscience (1+3) and the one-year MSc in Neuroscience.

The aim is to provide formal training in the theory and practical technology of neuroscience, from the most basic molecular mechanisms right up to clinical issues, coupled with the opportunity to conduct research projects selected from well over 100 active laboratories.

The courses are designed to give students a better technical and conceptual grasp of neuroscience than traditional graduate courses, expose them to a wide range of laboratory techniques and provide training in organisational and research skills. 


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