The Biochemistry building against a blue sky
The Biochemistry building, part of the University Science Area
(Image Credit: Nicola Mastroddi)
Medical Sciences Division


The Department of Biochemistry comprises over 45 research groups and around 400 researchers and support staff, including more than 100 graduate students. 

Oxford's Department of Biochemistry is a vibrant research and teaching department and benefits from state-of-the-art research facilities in its stunning purpose-built building occupied since 2008.

Research in the department is very broad and encompasses all aspects of modern molecular and cellular biochemistry, from atomic resolution biophysics to cell biology and imaging. The quality of research is outstanding, as demonstrated by an impressive publications output and the international standing of many of the department's researchers.

Research students reading for their DPhil or MSc by Research in the Department of Biochemistry are admitted to one of several programmes, either by the department or one of Oxford’s Doctoral Training Centres (DTCs).


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