The side of the Radcliffe Camera through a black gate
The Radcliffe Camera, seen from the Bodleian Quad
(Image Credit: Christopher Wills)

Continuing Education: Mathematical, Physical and Life Sciences

The Department for Continuing Education offers part-time graduate courses designed to meet the interests of scientists and practitioners in a range of disciplines and professions. 

The programme runs in collaboration with other departments and currently includes part-time courses in nanotechnology, ecology and international wildlife conservation.

Combining the expertise of researchers across the University with the Department for Continuing Education’s extensive experience in flexible learning, the courses in nanotechnology and ecological survey techniques make substantial use of online learning and are designed to allow effective study alongside professional work. Individual components are also available as free-standing short courses, allowing access to a range of focused educational opportunities.

Students will be members of a lively Graduate School community in the Department for Continuing Education with opportunities to participate in inter-disciplinary research seminars, training sessions and social events.


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