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Information for international students

Over half of Oxford's graduate students come from outside the UK. Whether you apply from the UK or overseas, all applicants use the same form and instructions.


International qualifications

Every course page has a section about entry requirements for the course with minimum degree classifications in both UK terms (eg First, Upper Second) and a US Grade Point Average or GPA (eg 3.5 on a scale up to 4.0). 

If your degree uses a different grading system, you do not need to 'convert' your grades to the UK or US system when you apply. The academic department will determine how your academic background compares to the course's entry requirements in assessing your application. However, if you're unsure whether your academic qualifications meet Oxford's minimum grade requirements, you can contact the academic department for advice using the contact details on the course page.

You can also consult the UK's National Academic Recognition Information Centre, which provides a service for comparing international and UK academic qualifications. However, this is a paid service so we usually advise that you contact the academic department at Oxford first. 

Read entry requirements on course pages

English language requirements

Some applicants will need to give evidence of their English language skills as part of their application. Graduate courses have either a 'standard' or 'higher' score requirement that relate to minimum scores in standardised test results (eg TOEFL, IELTS).

You may be able to ask for a waiver of this requirement as part of your application if, for example, you studied for your undergraduate or master's degree in an English-speaking country, or more generally at a university where teaching and assessment is entirely in English.

For full instructions, see our Application Guide:

Read our English language requirements

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