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Application Guide

Contact details

Contact details

On this tab of the application form, you are asked to provide some personal information, including your full name, date of birth, email address and telephone number, and your home and correspondence address.

Personal details

Your name will form the basis of your applicant record, so make sure it is full, accurate and in the correct order. If you hold a passport, birth certificate or other official document, you should state your name exactly as it appears there.

If you have only one name, please enter your given name (first name) as ‘ - ’ (a single dash) and enter your name in the ‘Family name (Surname)’ field.

Please check that your browser does not incorrectly autocomplete any of these fields.

If you contact Graduate Admissions regarding your application, please provide your name in the same format as it appears in your application, so that we can match all enquiries and materials to the correct record.

You should also enter your date of birth and sex as they appear on any legal/official documents you hold.

Requesting a change to your name or date of birth

  • For applications not yet submitted, you can amend your name or date of birth in the 'Personal Details' section of the application form. This will also change the date of birth associated with your graduate applicant account.
  • If your application has already been submitted, you can request a change to your name or date of birth through Graduate Applicant Self Service by uploading proof of identity.

Email and telephone numbers

You are asked to provide a contact email address and telephone number.

The primary email address that appears here is the one associated with your graduate applicant account. If you change this address, you will also change the email address you must use to log into your account.

If you contact Graduate Admissions regarding your application using our online query form, your contact email address must be the email address in which your application account is registered. We will not be able to respond to enquiries about your application if you use a different email address.  

Home and correspondence address

In this section, enter your 'Home address' as the address at which you are currently resident. If written correspondence should be sent to a different address, you should provide this in 'Correspondence address'.

If you are entering a UK address, you can type in your postcode and use the search function to find and complete the remaining lines of your address. Otherwise, you will need to enter your address manually. 

Nominated third party

Your application will be handled in accordance with our Postgraduate Applicant Privacy Policy. We will only discuss your application with you, unless you provide the details of a 'third party', such as a relative.

If you choose to nominate a third party in this section of the application form, we will be able to discuss your application with them and accept instructions from them on its handling. You should be aware that any third party you nominate will be able to make changes to your application or withdraw it on your behalf.

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