Interior of the Divinity School
Interior of the Divinity School
Credit: Whitaker Studio. This image comes from Oxford University Images

Previous Vice-Chancellors

2016Professor Dame Louise Richardson
2009Professor Andrew Hamilton
2004Dr John Hood
1997Sir Colin Lucas
1993Sir Peter North
1989Professor Sir Richard Southwood
1985Lord Neill of Bladen
1981Geoffrey Warnock
1977Sir Rex Richards
1973Sir John Habakkuk
1969Lord Bullock of Leafield
1966Kenneth Turpin
1964Kenneth Clinton Wheare
1962Walter Fraser Oakeshott
1960Arthur Lionel Pugh Norrington
1958Thomas Sherrer Ross Boase
1957John Cecil Masterman
1954Alic Halford Smith
1951Sir Cecil Maurice Bowra
1948Very Rev John Lowe
1947William Teulon Swan Stallybrass
1944Sir Richard Winn Livingstone
1941Sir William David Ross
1938George Stuart Gordon
1935Alexander Dunlop Lindsay
1932Francis John Lys
1929Frederick Homes Dudden
1926Francis William Pember
1923Joseph Wells
1920Lewis Richard Farnell
1917Herbert Edward Douglas Blakiston
1913Thomas Banks Strong
1910Charles Buller Heberden
1906Thomas Herbert Warren
1904William Walter Merry
1901David Binning Monro
1899Thomas Fowler
1898Sir William Reynell Anson
1894John Richard Magrath
1890Henry Boyd
1886James Bellamy
1882Benjamin Jowett
1878Evan Evans
1874James Edwards Sewell
1870Henry George Liddell
1866Frances Knyvett Leighton
1862John Prideaux Lightfoot
1858Francis Jeune
1856David Williams
1852Richard Lynch Cotton
1848Frederick Charles Plumptre
1844Benjamin Parsons Symons
1840Philip Wynter
1836Ashurst Turner Gilbert
1832George Rowley
1828John Collier Jones
1824Richard Jenkyns
1820George William Hall
1818Frodsham Hodson
1814Thomas Lee
1810John Cole
1807John Parsons
1806Henry Richards
1802Whittington Landon
1798Michael Marlow
1797Edmund Isham
1796Scrope Berdmore
1792John Wills
1788John Cooke
1784Joseph Chapman
1780Samuel Dennis
1776George Horne
1772Thomas Fothergill
1768Nathan Wetherell
1765David Durell
1759Joseph Browne
1756Thomas Randolph
1753George Huddesford
1750John Browne
1747John Purnell
1744Euseby Isham
1741Walter Hodges
1738Theophilus Leigh
1735Stephen Niblett
1732William Holmes
1728Edward Butler
1723John Mather
1718Robert Shippen
1715John Baron
1712Bernard Gardiner
1710Thomas Brathwaite
1706William Lancaster
1702William Delaune
1700Roger Mander
1698William Paynter
1697John Meare
1695Fitzherbert Adams
1692Henry Aldrich
1689Jonathan Edwards
1687Gilbert Ironside
1686John Venn
1685Timothy Halton
1682John Lloyd
1679Timothy Halton
1677John Nicholas
1676Henry Clerk
1673Ralph Bathurst
1669Peter Mews
1666John Fell
1664Robert Say
1662Walter Blandford
1661Richard Baylie
1660Paul Hood
1657John Conant
1652John Owen
1650Daniel Greenwood
1648Edward Reynolds
1645Samuel Fell
1643John Tolson, Robert Pincke
1642Dr Prideaux
1641John Prideaux
1640Christopher Potter
1638Accepted Frewen
1636Richard Baylie
1634Robert Pincke
1632Brian Duppa
1630William Smyth
1628Accepted Frewen
1626William Juxon
1624John Prideaux
1621William Piers
1619John Prideaux
1617William Goodwyn
1616Arthur Lake
1614William Goodwyn
1611Thomas Singleton
1607John King
1606Henry Airay
1605George Abbot
1604John Williams
1603George Abbott
1602John Howson
1601George Ryves
1600George Abbot
1599Thomas Thornton
1598Thomas Singleton
1596Thomas Ravys
1593Edmund Lilly
1592Nicholas Bond
1590William James
1589Nicholas Bond
1588Martin Heton
1587Francis Wyllis
1586Daniel Bernard
1585Edmund Lilly
1584John Underhill
1583Thomas Thornton
1582Robert Hovenden
1581William James
1580Arthur Yeldard
1579Toby Mathew
1578Martyn Colepeper
1577William Cole
1576Herbert Westphaling
1571Lawrence Humphrey
1570Thomas Cowper
1567Thomas Cowper
1564John Kennall
1562Thomas Whyte
1561Francis Babbington
1560Francis Babbington
1559John Warner
1558William Tresham
1557Thomas Raynolds, Thomas Whyte
1556William Tresham, Thomas Raynolds
1555Richard Smyth
1554John Warner
1553Richard Martiall
1552James Brokes alias Brooks, Richard Martiall
1551Owen Oglethorpe
1550William Tresham
1547Walter Wright
1532John Cottisford, William Tresham
1531Henry White
1528John Cottisford
1527Martin Lyndsey, John Cottisford
1523Thomas Musgrave
1522Richard Benger
1521Richard Benger
1520William Broke or Brook, Richard Benger
1519Richard Barnack, Richard Duck or Doke
1518Richard Duck or Doke
1517Richard Duck or Doke
1516Lawrence Stubbs
1515Edmund Wylsford
1514John Thornden, Lawrence Stubbs, Edmund Wylsford, Hugh Whytehead
1513William Fauntleroy, John Kynton, John Thornden
1512Edmund Wylsford, William Fauntleroy, John Kynton
1511William Fauntleroy, Thomas Drax, John Roper, John Cockys, Edmund Wylsford
1510John Thornden, John Mychell
1509William Fauntleroy
1508William Fauntleroy, John Thornden
1507John Thornden or Thornton, John Avery, John Kynton
1506John Thornden, William Fauntleroy
1505Simon Grene, John Roper, John Adams
1504John Kynton, Robert Tehy or Thay
1503John Thornden or Thornton, John Kynton, Simon Grene alias Fotherby
1502William Atwater, Thomas Banke, Hugh Saunders
1501Thomas Banke, Hugh Saunders alias Shakspeere
1500William Atwater
1499David Hays, William Atwater, Thomas Chaundeler
1498Thomas Harpur
1497William Atwater
1493Robert Smith
1492John Coldale
1491Richard Fitzjames, John Coldale
1490John Coldale
1489John Coldale
1488John Coldale
1487Richard Estmond
1486John Taylor
1485Richard Mayew
1484Richard Mayew, Thomas Pawnton
1482Robert Wrangwais, William Sutton
1481Richard Fitzjames, William Sutton
1480John Lane, William Sutton
1470Thomas Stevyn
1469Robert Tulley, Thomas Jaune
1468Thomas Stevyn, Thomas Jaune
1467Thomas Chaundler, Thomas Stevyn, Thomas Walton
1466Thomas Chaundler, John Caldbeck, Thomas Stevyn, Laurence Cokkys, Thomas Hill
1465Thomas Smith, Robert Ixworth, John Caldbeck, Thomas Chaundler
1464Laurence Cokkys, Thomas Chaundler, Roger Bulkeley, John Caldbeck, Thomas Person
1463John Watts, Thomas Chaundler, David Husband, John Mulcaster
1462William Ive
1461William Ive, Roger Bulkeley
1460Thomas Tweyn
1459John Danvers, Thomas Jaune or Jane
1458Walter Wynhale, Thomas Twynge
1457Thomas Chippenham
1456Thomas Saunders
1455Thomas Twynge alias Bonifaunt
1454Thomas Tweyn, Thomas Saunders
1453Luke Lacock, Robert Thwayts, Thomas Saunders
1452John Beke, Thomas Tweyn or Yweyn alias Chalke, Thomas Saunders
1451John Beke, John Van
1450Richard Ringstede, John Beke, Roger Bulkeley, John Van
1449John Willey, John Burneby, William Dowson
1448John Burneby
1447John Burneby, William Dowson
1446William Westkarre, John Moreton, William Dowson
1445William Dowson, John Selot
1444William Dowson, Richard Hall, William Westkarre
1443William Dowson, William Westkarre
1442William Grey, William Babington, John Gorsuch, William Westkarre
1441John Gorsuch, Robert Thwaytes, William Babington
1440John Gorsuch
1439John Gorsuch, John Burbach, Thomas Southam, Thomas Gascoigne
1438John Gorsuch, William Hawtrine
1437John Gorsuch, Thomas Greneley
1436John Burbach, Thomas Greneley
1435John Burbach, Thomas Bonyngworth
1434Thomas Gascoigne, Christopher Knolles, John Burbach
1433John Burbach, or Hurbach
1431Richard Roderham
1430Thomas Eglesfield
1426Richard Roderham
1422John Daventry
1407John Orum
1406John Whytehede
1405William Farendon
1404Griffin Kirkadam
1401William Farendon
1399John Snappe and others
1397William Farendon, or Faringdon
1396Nicholas Faux
1394Richard Ullerston
1391John Ashwardby
1389John Lyndon
1386Henry Nafford, or Yafford
1382Fr Peter Stokes
1377Robert Aylesham
1368John de Codeford
1367John de Codeford
1348William de Hawkesworth
1347Hugh de Willoughby
1337John de Reigham
1336John de Ayllesbury
1333Richard, son of Radulph, or Fitzrauf
1325Richard Kamshale
1311Walter Gifford
1304John de Oseworhd
1288John Heigham
1270Robert Steeton
1230Elyas de Daneis

NB Some individuals, particularly in the 16th and 17th centuries, held the office of Vice-Chancellor for more than one period of time. In the earliest part of the University's history records may be inexact: for example, ‘John Snappe and others’ are listed for the year 1399. It is therefore not possible to give a definitive figure for the number of people who have held the office of Vice-Chancellor. We can say, however, that Professor Andrew Hamilton is the 271st person known to have held the office.

This list is based on that included in The Encyclopaedia of the University of Oxford (Hibbert, C. & Hibbert E. (eds) 1992, Papermac, London) which ends with the period of office of Professor Richard Sir Southwood (1989-1993). 

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