Excellence in Design

Oxford is famous for its historic skyline but perhaps less well known for its stunning new buildings, which combine state-of-the-art design with world-leading facilities for our academics, researchers and students. The Blavatnik School of Government building, on Walton Street, won a Royal Institute of British Architects National Award this year and has the largest double-glazed window in Europe, weighing 4.5 tonnes.

Three years ago we opened the Nuffield Department of Medicine Research Building, one of the largest centres for biomedical research in Europe. This laboratory is a multi-disciplinary research centre which combines biological science research with the practical application of research discoveries to medical practice. The building was designed to create an impressive entrance to the Old Road Campus in Headington.

We have constructed high-tech laboratories for the Department of Physics on Parks Road, to make maximum use of their existing space. The basement of the Beecroft Building will provide the department with the low vibration and temperature-controlled environment it needs to carry out world-leading research. The local council has praised the outstanding design and low environmental impact of the building.

We built the first non-residential Passivhaus building in Oxford at Kellogg College. Passivhaus is a cutting-edge architectural design that results in buildings with exceptionally low energy use, helping us to reduce carbon emissions.

While our colleges are independent of the central University, our Estates Services department offers support to all colleges planning restorations, refurbishments and new buildings.

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