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Oxford Young Ambassadors group
Oxford Young Ambassadors group
Credit: Keith Barnes

Oxford Young Ambassadors

A attainment raising programme for Oxfordshire students in years 9-11 who are currently achieving a B/C in school, which encourages them to become ambassadors for higher education amongst their families and peers.

This programme is designed to empower young people by introducing higher education as a viable life option, and encourages them to engage others, who like themselves, might not have considered further education post 16.

What do Oxford Young Ambassadors do?

By taking part in the programme, Tom's confidence, aspirations and expectations for the future have risen exponentially. The legacy of the OYA programme is something I know will stay with Tom for the rest of his life.

 Parent of an OYA 

Oxford Young Ambassadors engage in various events each academic year and they work closely with current Oxford student mentors. The Ambassadors meet with us once a month and participate in activities designed to help them explore future educational opportunities, to set and achieve goals and revise for exams.

The programme prepares students for life after secondary education no matter which path they choose.

How do I become a university student mentor on the Oxford Young Ambassadors programme?

To become a student mentor for this programme please click here