Open Days and visiting | University of Oxford

Open Days and visiting

Come to Oxford and discover for yourself student life at our University. 

Our final 2019 University-wide Open Day is on Friday 20 September. Open Days offer an ideal opportunity for you to explore Oxford, find out more about our courses, tour colleges and quiz tutors and students. They are busy and you will probably leave feeling that there just wasn't enough time, but you will also have a really good idea of Oxford and whether it might be the university for you. 

It is not mandatory to register for an Oxford Open Day although we strongly recommend that you do, in order to receive our Open Day newsletters, full of top tips on how to make the most of your day. You may also need to book for some popular sessions in advance. For full details please see our Open Day programmes.

The Open Day on Friday 20 September falls during the proposed Global Climate Strike. Whilst Open Day events will be taking place as planned, we are very aware of the need to be more mindful of our impact on the planet. We are, therefore, taking steps to make this Open Day our greenest yet

Other visits

Don't worry if you can't come to an Open Day, you are welcome to visit at another time. College grounds are normally open to prospective applicants but you can also get in touch with the college linked to your region and let them know you are coming.  You may also be able to attend an event listed in our outreach calendar whilst you're here.