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Increasing access

Deciding whether or not to go to university is a big decision for everyone, but especially if you don't know people who have been, or if you haven't had a chance to find out what it might be like. Perhaps you are concerned that you might not fit in or share common ground with other students? We know that some exceptionally clever and talented students don't think that Oxford is for them - and we want that to change.

So you can feel confident about deciding whether to apply, Oxford runs thousands of free events and programmes every year. These give potential applicants like you a chance to learn about student life as well as equipping you to submit a strong UCAS application. Some of our free programmes are residentials based in Oxford, like UNIQ, whilst others are taster or study days, either in Oxford or sometimes nearer you.

Some events can be booked directly by individual students, whilst others need to be arranged by teachers and are typically designed for school groups. We also have a range of events for teachers to give them advice on supporting their ablest students so they can receive the guidance they deserve and realise their potential.

Search the calendar below for a full list of upcoming events.

Upcoming events

E.g., 11-12-2018
E.g., 11-12-2018

Hannah Fry - Hello World

Age 15-16 (year 11), Age 16-17 (year 12), Age 17-18 (year 13) | Parents, Students, Teachers
Oxford |

It All Adds Up - Year 9 Day

Age 13-14 (year 9) | Students
Oxford |

Materials & Physics Day - Year 10

Age 16-17 (year 12) | Students
Oxford |

It All Adds Up - Year 10-11 Day

Age 14-15 (year 10), Age 15-16 (year 11) | Students
Oxford |

It All Adds Up - Year 12-13 Day

Age 16-17 (year 12), Age 17-18 (year 13) | Students
Oxford |

Inaugural Oxford Mathematics Midlands Public Lecture: Marcus du Sautoy -The Num8er My5teries

Solihull School
Age 14-15 (year 10), Age 15-16 (year 11), Age 16-17 (year 12), Age 17-18 (year 13) | Parents, Students, Teachers
Solihull |

Philosophy Plus Science Taster Day

Mathematical Institute
Age 15-16 (year 11), Age 16-17 (year 12) | Parents, Students, Teachers
Oxford, |

Academic Carousel - Liverpool Year 8

Bellerive FCJ Catholic College
Age 12-13 (year 8) | Students
Liverpool |

Academic Carousel - Wirral Year 8

West Kirby Grammar School
Age 12-13 (year 8) | Students
West Kirby |

Univ's 2019 Teachers' Conference

All ages | Teachers
Oxford |