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Living costs

How much will it cost to live in Oxford?

The likely living costs for 2019-20 are published below. These costs are based on a single, full-time graduate student, with no dependants, living in Oxford. We provide the cost per month so you can multiply up by the number of months you expect to live in Oxford. 

 Likely living costs for 1 monthLikely living costs for 9 monthsLikely living costs for 12 months
Lower rangeUpper rangeLower rangeUpper rangeLower rangeUpper range
Personal items£122£271£1,098£2,435£1,464£3,246
Social activities£42£126£380£1,138£506£1,518
Study costs£40£88£359£788£478£1,051

Further information about these costs

This information is provided to ensure that you are fully aware of and consider very carefully the likely living costs associated with your chosen course of study at Oxford.

In addition to reviewing the information on this page, you should fully consider and research your personal likely living costs. As part of the Financial Declaration process, you will need to confirm that you are willing and able to fund your living expenses at least at the lower amount in the range shown above, for the duration of your course (for courses longer than one year, you should allow for an estimated increase in living expenses of 3% each year).

Please note that the University sets its maintenance stipend level for graduate scholarships at the competitive RCUK minimum doctoral stipend rate, which as a guide equates to £14,777 for the 2018-19 academic year.

How are these likely living costs calculated?

In order to provide these likely living costs, the University and the Oxford University Student Union conducted a living costs survey to complement existing student expenditure data from a variety of sources, including the UK government's Student Income and Expenditure Survey and the National Union of Students (NUS).


These likely food costs would enable you to eat in your college for each of your three meals each day but food costs may be lower or higher, depending on your personal choice about where and what you eat.


These likely accommodation costs include related bills (for example, utilities such as electricity and heating) and are based on college accommodation figures. Private sector rental costs may vary. You can find more information about renting in the private sector through the Oxford Student Pad and University Accommodation Office.

Study costs

These are likely costs directly related to your studies, such as text books, stationery, printing and photocopying, course-related equipment and materials.


These are small, miscellaneous costs which do not fall under the other categories above.

What additional costs might I need to budget for?

You may need to make additional provision for costs such as a student visa, travel to and from Oxford and fieldwork. Any additional course-related costs will be outlined in the individual graduate course pages, accessible via the Courses page. These costs are not included in the figures above.

Students with dependants, for example, a partner or child, will also need to consider separate costs related to their family. More information and advice is available on the Living costs for dependants page.

What might my likely living costs be in future years?

When planning your finances for any future years of study in Oxford beyond 2019-20, you should allow for an estimated increase in living expenses of 3% each year. 

What advice is there about living costs for part-time students?

The living costs above are based on single, full-time students living in Oxford. While it may be the case that, as a part-time student, you will not be based in Oxford during your studies, you will still need to cover your cost of living on a full-time basis. If this applies to you, you should calculate your living costs to be sure that you have sufficient funding to meet these costs for the duration of your course. In particular, part-time students who are not based in Oxford will need to calculate travel and accommodation costs carefully. Please note that living costs outside Oxford may be different from those shown above.

Living costs profiles from our graduate students

To help in planning your living costs, we asked a number of our graduate students to share their experiences on the cost of living and studying in Oxford. You can read their stories on our Living costs profiles page.

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