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Where do I start?


Choose a course

  1. Read the introduction to our courses, and check if the University offers a course you’re interested in applying to. You can find a course in our A-Z or view the departments that offer graduate courses.

  2. Read the entry requirements on the course page to make sure that you have the right qualifications.

    Admissions are very competitive – make sure you've achieved, or will achieve, at least the minimum grade before you apply.

Think about funding

  1. Check requirements and deadlines for funding - for over two-thirds of Oxford scholarships, you'll be automatically considered if you're eligible and apply by the December or January deadline for your course.

  2. Use the fees, funding and scholarship search to find the fees and costs for your course, and whether you're eligible for any scholarships (£1,000+) which require an additional application.

    You can also explore other potential sources of funding outside the University.

Prepare to apply

  1. As soon as you decide to apply, contact your university to ask for a transcript, and ask your potential referees if they're happy to submit references for you – this can take longer than you expect.

  2. Check the deadlines on the course page and plan your time to submit your application well in advance – we recommend two or three weeks earlier, if you can.

    Find out more about how our deadlines work.
  3. Your course page will tell you the English language requirement for your course: 'standard' or 'higher'.

    Check whether you need to book a language test—it can take a few months to get a test place.

  4. Think about whether you'd like to state a college preference in your application, or let us choose a college for you. Your course page will tell you which colleges offer your course.

    Learn more about Oxford's colleges in the Colleges section of our website.

Start your application

  1. Read through our application guide and your course page to make sure you send all the right documents and information when you apply.

    If you're an international student, read our advice for international applicants.

  2. To start your application, visit the course page of your chosen course and click 'Apply' in the 'How To Apply' section.

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