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Central shopping district of Xujiahui, Shanghai, China.
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Asia - East region

Study of East Asia

East-Asian Studies

The sub-faculty of East Asian Studies in the faculty of Oriental Studies offers courses in Chinese studies, Korean studies, and Japanese studies. In addition, it offers a graduate degree that spans the region: Master of Philosophy in Traditional East Asia, which offers a comparative overview of East Asia (China, Japan, Korea) from antiquity to the nineteenth century. The faculty of Oriental Studies also hosts the newly established Buddhist Studies Unit, headed by the Numata Professor of Buddhist Studies, and will soon be offering undergraduate and graduate courses in the field of Buddhist Studies.

Asian Studies Centre

The Asian Studies Centre at St Antony's College provides a collaborative home for all Oxford's academics and researchers working on Asia, and hosts a range of seminar series, workshops, conferences and lectures. The Centre runs regular seminar series that are interdisciplinary and comparative in their approach to the study of East Asia. The seminars cover themes and issue of historical and contemporary relevance in the East Asia region. The Centre is also host to the Taiwan Studies Programme, run in co-operation with the Taiwan Academy.

Wider study of the region is focused in a number of multi-disciplinary academic centres, including the Oxford University China Centre and the Nissan Institute of Japanese Studies.

Oxford's presence in East Asia

It is a measure of the importance of the region to Oxford that two of the University’s three international administrative offices are based in East Asia (in Hong Kong and Japan). Oxford University Press’s main publishing office in the region is in Hong Kong with other promotional offices in Macao, Shanghai, Shenzhen and Beijing. There are also offices dedicated to OUP’s English Language Teaching series in Taipei, Seoul, Tokyo, and Osaka.