Outreach officer, Olivia, telling a group of prospective applicants about online resource, Oxplore.
Outreach officer, Olivia, telling a group of prospective applicants about online resource, Oxplore.


Chat to Current Oxford Students

Who for: Students (All)

Ask your questions to current students at Magdalen College using a secure messaging app that allows you to speak directly to Oxford undergraduates.

To ask your question see here: Chat to Students

Pictures of six student ambassadors you can talk from Magdalen College.

Oxford for East Midlands Newsletter 

Who for: Students (All), Teachers, Parents/Carers

The Oxford for East Midlands partners send out a monthly newsletter which includes opportunities in Oxford and in the region. 

The newsletter will be available shortly, please check back for updates. 

Oxplore: The Home of Big Questions

Who for: Students (All), Teachers

Oxplore is an innovative digital outreach portal from the University of Oxford. It aims to engage those from 11 to 18 years old with debates and ideas that go beyond what is covered in the classroom. Big questions tackle complex ideas across a wide range of subjects and draw on the latest research undertaken at Oxford. Oxplore aims to realise aspirations, promote broader thinking and stimulate intellectual curiosity. 

This resource can be explored as an individual or used by a teacher to lead a class or form/registration session. Start tackling big questions here: Oxplore

Prospective students at a workshop hosted by Lincoln College.

Staircase 12

Who for: Students (All)

Staircase 12 is an online hub of resources developed by University College for students aiming high at school and thinking about applying to top universities. There are plenty of resources to help students develop their interests - book reviews from current undergraduates to give ideas about where to start 'reading around' the subject and ideas for stretching students beyond the school syllabus.

To begin exploring this online hub, see here: Staircase 12

St John’s Inspire Programme

Who for: Students (Y11)

St John’s Inspire Programme is an online engagement programme for Year 11 pupils from non-selective state schools, featuring newsletters consisting of articles written by Oxford researchers and academics, supplemented by interview-style questions, games, puzzles and competitions. All participants are also invited to apply for a residential the summer following their GCSEs. 

Registration for the programme is set to occur in autumn of each year: St John’s Inspire Programme

Prospective students visiting St Edmund Hall.

Informed Choices

Who for: Students (All), Teachers, Parents/Carers 

The Informed Choices website, designed by the Russell Group (a collection of leading UK universities), helps you to make an informed choice about what course to take.

To help choose your course or to provide advice to applicants then see here: Informed Choices

Applying to Oxford

Who for: Students (All), Teachers, Parents 

The main university website has a wealth of information and support if you choose to apply to Oxford. Here are links to some pages you might be interested in:

There is lots of guidance regarding personal statements and admissions tests online including tips, past papers and mark schemes. If you are invited to an interview then there are many ways you can prepare including by looking at past questions, watching guidance videos or seeing what tutors think of the interview process.

You can find mock interviews by Oxford and Cambridge online. Even if there isn’t one for your course, you may find it useful to watch one for another subject to get a better idea of the interview process: BiologyChemistryClassicsEngineeringEnglishLawMaths and  Modern Languages

Mock interview for prospective students.

University of Oxford YouTube

Who for: Students (All), Teachers, Parents/Carers

The University of Oxford YouTube channel has lots of useful videos including ones providing details on most Oxford courses. You might find these particularly useful when thinking about student life at Oxford:

One of the Oxford for East Midlands colleges, St Edmund Hall, also runs a YouTube channel with lots of helpful videos which you can find here.

Ignite: Oxford’s Free Careers Education Programme for Schools

Who for: Teachers

Ignite is a career confidence programme for schools and colleges from Oxford University Careers Service. It aims to help develop pupils’ assertiveness and confidence in academic, extra-curricular, family, social and eventual career activities.

The programme is aimed at secondary school pupils (ages 11-18) and to be delivered within the school by teachers / PSHE tutors. It is available in modules to be applied and used as appropriate.

To find out more see here: Ignite

Prospective students enjoying the 'Making History' exhibition at Magdalen College.

Guidance for Teachers

Who for: Teachers

There is lots of support and advice for teachers on the University website. This includes everything from resources to event details to newsletters. 

Explore here: Guidance for Teachers

Families Guide

Who for: Parents/Carers

It’s not always easy for parents/carers to know how best to help a child navigate their options in terms of higher education. We have written a guide to give you as much information as possible about studying at Oxford University - especially about choosing a course, and then making the strongest possible application. 

We want you to know that students are in safe hands at Oxford, so we have given details of all the support we offer, both during their time here, and after they have graduated. 

To read the guide see here: Families Guide

Further information can be found here: For Families

A family visiting St Edmund Hall.