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Oxford NextGen is a collaborative outreach project being piloted by the Oxford for East Midlands partners. 

This programme works directly with targeted schools to offer high ability Year 10 students the chance to engage with and learn about Oxford University, providing support for students right through to the point of University applications in Year 13. Oxford NextGen will begin with a launch event in the school for students, teachers and parents/carers. The programme will follow students through high school and sixth form involving visits to Oxford, advice regarding A-Level and degree choices, and opportunities to develop super-curricular skills. 

The programme also gives prospective applicants a chance to meet current Oxford students from the East Midlands and to learn from Oxford academics.

The programme launched in Spring 2021. We have targeted select state schools in the East Midlands which have limited prior engagement with Oxford University and have a significant proportion of under-represented students. 

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