Rhiant ar Ddiwrnod Agored
Rhiant ar Ddiwrnod Agored

For Families

Happy and safe, that's all we want for our children, but sometimes it's not so easy to know how to help them get there. As a parent, carer or supporter, you are in a great position to support your child as they make decisions about their education. 

Here at Oxford, we really value students' families and want you to have all the information you need to feel confident in your important supporting role. We have put together guidance and resources For Families, to help you to encourage your child to look ahead and consider the implications of their choices.

Oxford Cymru recognise that not all applicants will have the support of a parent or carer. For example, you may be an older applicant or a teacher/advisor guiding a student studying without family support. Please be aware that the University has an excellent support programme for estranged students.

Find out more below about the activities we run in your regionin Oxford and online.