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Oxford makes Eureka list

Pete Wilton

Researchers from Oxford University are well represented on the Eureka 100: a list of the most important contemporary figures in British science.

The list, compiled by The Times to celebrate the first anniversary of its science magazine Eureka, features 11 Oxford figures from all areas of science.

The highest entry goes to Jocelyn Bell Burnell [15], after her comes John Bell [20], then Richard Dawkins [25], followed by Kay Davies [29]. Breaking into the 40s and 50s are Andrew Wiles [41] (arriving in 2011) and David King [54] whilst the 60s and 70s sees a run of prominent Oxford scientists: Peter Ratcliffe [60], Colin Blakemore [64], Graham Richards [65] and John Krebs [71]. Last but not least, friend of OxSciBlog Marcus du Sautoy [76] makes it a bumper crop of research talent.

One thing's certain: it's sure to generate plenty of discussion about who made the list and who didn't, and how you measure the influence of scientists, at a time when the role of British science is under the microscope. And that can only be a good thing.

Let us know which Oxford scientists not featured above should have been on the list and why by adding a comment below.