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Professor Jane Armitage

Professor of Clinical Trials and Epidemiology, Clinical Trial Service Unit; Honorary Consultant in Public Health Medicine

Dr Jeffrey Aronson

Consultant Physician and Clinical Pharmacologist, Department of Primary Care Health Sciences; Emeritus Fellow of Green Templeton College

Professor Colin Baigent

Professor of Epidemiology, Clinical Trial Service Unit

Dr Zameel Cader

Director of the Oxford Headache Centre; Director of StemBANCC; Associate Professor of Clinical Neurosciences; Consultant Neurologist

Professor Ben Davis

Professor of Chemistry; Fellow of Pembroke College
Head and shoulders image of Professor Elspeth Garman for Find an Expert

Professor Elspeth Garman

Professor of Molecular Biophysics, Department of Biochemistry; Fellow of Brasenose College
Head and shoulders image of Professor Philippe Guerin for Find an Expert

Professor Philippe Guérin

Professor of Epidemiology and Global Health; Director of the Infectious Diseases Data Observatory (IDDO)

Professor Trudie Lang

Professor of Global Health Research; Head of the Global Health Network and Senior Research Scientist in Tropical Medicine, Nuffield Department of Medicine; Research Fellow, Green Templeton College

Professor Craig MacLean

Associate Professor and Royal Society University Research Fellow in Biology; Fellow of Merton College