Professor Nick La Thangue

Professor of Cancer Biology, Department of Oncology; Fellow of Linacre College


Professor Nick La Thangue has authored over 150 publications and is an inventor on an extensive number of patents. His academic research is focussed on the molecular mechanisms that give rise to the abnormal proliferation of tumour cells, and translating these insights into new opportunities for treatments. Drugs based on the work of his research group have reached advanced clinical trials. His group also works on identifying biomarkers in patients' genetics, to indicate who may benefit from certain treatments.


  • Cancer therapeutics
  • Personalised medicine
  • Biomarkers
  • Targeted therapy
  • Patient stratification
  • National Institute for Clinical Excellence
  • Drug approval
  • Cancer drugs approval

Media experience

Professor La Thangue has experience in television and in newspapers, both interviews and articles.