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UNIQ session in Wytham Woods
UNIQ session in Wytham Woods
Credit: Rob Judges. Find out more about UNIQ Summer Schools here

Increasing access

Oxford wants the best students, from every kind of background.

The University is committed to ensuring that our undergraduate admissions processes identify students with outstanding academic potential and the ability to benefit from an Oxford course whatever their background, as outlined in the University’s Strategic Plan.

Oxford’s commitment to outreach can be seen in the outputs: each year the collegiate University delivers more than 3,000 outreach events with 72% of all UK schools with a sixth form. We spend more than £5.6m on outreach work and a further £7m on financial support for students from financially disadvantaged backgrounds.

We recognise that some groups of students will require different types of support when preparing to apply to Oxford, and our programme of UK and international outreach work reflects this. We are also aware of the important role that teachers, advisers and parents play in encouraging and supporting students, and we provide guidance for them in the form of information and events.

Our outreach strategy includes

We are committed to continual evaluation of our outreach strategy to ensure that activities are having the desired impact on our student intake. We have set ourselves a number of targets in relation to this through our Access Agreement with the Office for Fair Access.

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