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A tutor conducts an Anglo Saxon English tutorial.
(Image credit: Rob Judges Photography / Oxford University Images).


Tutorials are central to study at Oxford. They give you the chance to discuss your subject with an expert in the field. Your tutor monitors your academic progress, provides individual support and encourages you to develop to your full potential.

Regular meetings with approachable tutors ensure that you never fall behind and are given individual help if needed.

Niloy, 3rd year

Tutorials take place at least once a week and it’s up to you to research and prepare for them. Then you meet your tutor, perhaps with one or two other students, to discuss an essay or solutions to set problems. The aim is to review your answers or theories and explore ideas that arise in discussion.

A tutorial relies on the exchange of ideas between you, your tutor and other students. You need not be experienced in debating, you just need to be ready to present and substantiate your opinions, accept constructive criticism and listen to others.

Tutorials develop your ability to think for yourself, not only an essential ability for academic success but also a skill that top employers look for in Oxford graduates.

Watch an example of an English tutorial.