Oriel College
Oriel College.
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Oriel College

Oriel is an inclusive academic community with a friendly atmosphere. We value diversity and encourage applications from bright students of all backgrounds.  We also recognise the increasing financial needs of students today and offer prizes for outstanding academic achievement, generous travel grants and access to hardship funds.

The tutors at Oriel take a keen interest in the academic development of their students, not only through their regular interactions in tutorials but also through encouraging students to relate their work to, and engage with, the rich programme of research active in college and the rest of the University. As crucial preparation for their future lives and careers, we work to help our undergraduates achieve the highest academic standards. Each term Oriel holds Joint Academic Forums to which all members of Oriel are invited to discuss research topics and questions from an interdisciplinary perspective. We are always keen to meet prospective students and their families – please stop by if you have any questions or would like a college tour.


Oriel’s main entrance is on the beautiful Oriel Square, in the city centre just off the High Street. Shops, the Bodleian Library, University departments and the train/bus stations are only a short walk away.

Accommodation and meals

All students can live in college for the duration of their course; most undergraduates (and all first years) live on the main site. Rooms are graded for cost according to size and facilities. Many rooms on the main site have their own bathroom, or share it with one other room. All rooms have internet points and most rooms have telephones. Three cooked meals are served in the dining hall every weekday. Evening meals at Oriel are extremely popular and social occasions. There are also kitchens for students who want to cook for themselves.

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Oriel has an impressive library of more than 100,000 volumes that is open 24 hours a day and has wifi. Undergraduates have their own common room, shop, TV room and an annexe for meetings or parties. Our popular college bar hosts regular discos, band gigs and karaoke nights. There is a music practice room and pianists may also use the grand piano in the library. Oriel has its own sports ground, gymnasium, squash court and boathouse, with facilities for all major sports.

Student societies

Oriel has a social and active student body. Our drama society’s annual highlight is a play staged outdoors in front quad. Oriel has a very good mixed chapel choir and an active music society. Other flourishing clubs include the film society and Raleigh (arts/literature) society.

The college’s sports teams include badminton, basketball, cricket, darts, football, modern pentathlon, netball, rowing, rugby, squash and water polo. The emphasis is on enthusiasm, giving the opportunity for everyone to take part.

Academic staff

Ancient History

Dr Teresa Morgan*


Dr Lynne Cox*
Dr Max Crispin*
Dr Travis Bayer*

Biomedical Sciences:

Dr Kristine Krug*


Professor David Hodgson*
Dr Lydia Gilday
Dr Nicholas Green


Dr Bruno Currie*
Ms Juliane Kerkhecker*

Computer Science:

Dr Michael Spivey*


Dr Christopher Bowdler*

Engineering Science:

Dr Douglas Hamilton*
Dr John Huber*
Dr Justin Coon*


Dr Kathryn Murphy* 
Dr Marion Turner
Dr Sarah Bennett


Dr Richard Scholar*
Dr Louisiane Ferlier
Dr Francesco Manzini


Professor Annette Volfing*
Professor Katrin Kohl


Dr Ian Forrest*
Dr Julia Mannherz*
Dr Simon Skinner


Ms Lucinda Ferguson*
Dr Paul Yowell*


Dr Giuseppe Stellardi


Dr Elinor M Payne


Dr Kobi Kremnizer*
Dr Colin MacDonald*
Dr James Sparks*


Dr Kevin Maloy*
Dr Christopher Conlon*
Dr Jan Schnupp
Dr Damian Tyler
Dr Kamel El Omari


Dr David Maw
Mr Hugh Collins Rice


Dr Oliver Pooley*
Professor Gonzalo Rodriguez-Pereyra*


Professor Andrew Boothroyd*
Professor Pedro Ferreira*
Dr Philip Stier*


Dr JanaLee Cherneski
Dr Richard Coggins


Dr Julie Curtis


Dr Maria Donapetry


Dr William Wood*

Student welfare


The Revd Dr Robert Tobin

Senior Dean:

Ms Juliane Kerkhecker


Mr A. Blake Ewing
Mr Michael Jones

Welfare Officer:

Ms Alejandra Albuerne

*Fellow of the college


Virtual college tour

360° views of Oriel College:

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