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This page gives details of the Undergraduate Prospectus and other publications available to download.


2019 entry Undergraduate Prospectus

Undergraduate Prospectus

Download pdf version

UGP 2019 Oxford is what you make it (intro)
UGP 2019 Courses
UGP 2019 Colleges
UGP 2019 How you apply
UGP 2019 What it costs
UGP 2019 Find out more (+ maps)

If you live in the UK or elsewhere in the European Economic Area (EU and Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein) or Switzerland, you can order a paper copy of our undergraduate prospectus: please complete this form.  Please note that copies will not be posted to addresses outside of this area.

Your guide to Oxford interviews

Interviews guide 2016

This guide explains what you could expect from an Oxford interview and the part interviews play in the selection procedure. You may also like to see sample questions and videos of mock interviews on our interviews page.

Supporting an Oxford applicant: a parents' and carers' guide

Parents' and carers' guide 2016

This guide provides information about Oxford for anyone who is encouraging a student to make an application to the University, and who will be supporting them through the application process and beyond.

An American student's guide to undergraduate study at Oxford

Guide for US students 2017

This guide provides information about studying an undergraduate degree at Oxford as a US student.