Oxford skyline
Oxford skyline
Credit: Greg Smolonski. This image is from Oxford University Images.


Journalists: please contact the News Office on news.office@admin.ox.ac.uk or phone 01865 280528 to ensure the quickest response to your request. Your request may be delayed or re-routed if you use other contact details on this page.

Management Office

Director of Public Affairs and Communications
James Colman
Tel: 01865 280733, email: james.colman@admin.ox.ac.uk

Corporate Communications

General contact: news.office@admin.ox.ac.uk

Head of Corporate Communications
Stephen Rouse
Tel: 01865 280533, email: stephen.rouse@admin.ox.ac.uk

Strategic Communications Manager
Lulwah Shalhoub
Tel: 01865 280531, email: lulwah.shalhoub@admin.ox.ac.uk

Communications Manager (Education and Admissions)
Rachel Graham
Tel: 01865 280536, email: rachel.graham@tss.ox.ac.uk

News & Information Officer
Dawn Hinsley
Tel: 01865 270164, email: information.office@admin.ox.ac.uk

Nicola Sweetnam 
Tel: 01865 280528, email: news.office@admin.ox.ac.uk

Editor, QUAD (formerly Oxford Today)
Richard Lofthouse
Tel: 07790 902982, email: richard.lofthouse@admin.ox.ac.uk

Government and Community Relations Officer
Laurence Garfield
Tel: 01865 280335, email: laurence.garfield@admin.ox.ac.uk

Research and Innovation Communications

Head of Strategic Communications (Research and Innovation)
Alex Buxton
(contact for Humanities Division)
Tel: 01865 283877, email: alexander.buxton@admin.ox.ac.uk

Communications Manager (Research and Innovation)
Chris McIntyre
(contact for Medical Sciences Division)
Tel: 01865 270046, email: christopher.mcintyre@admin.ox.ac.uk

Communications Manager (Research and Innovation)
Genevieve Juillet (on maternity leave)
(contact for Mathematical, Physical and Life Sciences Division)
Tel: 01865 280534, email: gen.juillet@admin.ox.ac.uk

Communications Manager (Research and Innovation)
Sarah Whitebloom
(contact for Social Sciences Division)
Tel: 01865 280540, email: sarah.whitebloom@admin.ox.ac.uk

Strategic Communications Manager (Research and Innovation) - Vaccines
Amjad Parkar
Tel: 01865 270002, email: amjad.parkar@admin.ox.ac.uk

Communications Officer (Research and Innovation) - COVID
Clea Boorman
Email: clea.boorman@tss.ox.ac.uk

Innovation Communications Manager (Innovation and Engagement)
Ashleigh Scott
Email: ashleigh.scott@admin.ox.ac.uk

Internal Communications

Head of Internal Communications
Anna Myers
Tel: 01865 280547, email: anna.myers@admin.ox.ac.uk

Internal Communications Manager
Annette Cunningham
Tel: 01865 280720, email: annette.cunningham@admin.ox.ac.uk

Communications Officer
Sarah Airey
Tel: 01865 280548, email: sarah.airey@tss.ox.ac.uk

Internal Communications Manager
Mia Gaudern
Tel: 01865 280548, email: mia.gaudern@admin.ox.ac.uk

Interim COVID Health Communications Lead
Chris Page
Tel: 01865 280548, email: chris.page@it.ox.ac.uk

Administrator and HR Coordinator
Becky Hedges
Tel: 01865 280733, email: rebecca.hedges@admin.ox.ac.uk


Gazette Editor
Dawn Dooher
Tel: 01865 280549, email: dawn.dooher@admin.ox.ac.uk

Deputy Gazette Editor
Tim Abrahams
Email: tim.abrahams@tss.ox.ac.uk

Brand & Design

General contact: publications@admin.ox.ac.uk

Head of Brand and Design
Paul Chinn
Tel: 01865 280541, email: paul.chinn@admin.ox.ac.uk

Creative Design Manager
Laetitia Velia
Tel: 01865 280542, email: laetitia.velia@admin.ox.ac.uk

Creative Design Manager
Pippa Havenhand
Tel: 01865 280057, email: pippa.havenhand@admin.ox.ac.uk

Finance Officer
Lauren Pounds
Tel: 01865 280545, email: lauren.pounds@admin.ox.ac.uk

Campaigns & Digital Communications Office

General contact: digicomms@admin.ox.ac.uk

Head of Campaigns and Digital Communications
Liz McCarthy
Tel: 01865 280474, email: elizabeth.mccarthy@admin.ox.ac.uk

Digital Communications Manager
Christopher Eddie
Tel: 01865 280546, email: christopher.eddie@admin.ox.ac.uk

Digital Communications Manager
Stephen Sangar
Tel: 01865 280550, email: stephen.sangar@admin.ox.ac.uk

Digital Communications Officer
Richard Watts
Tel: 01865 270280, email: richard.watts@admin.ox.ac.uk

Content and Social Media Manager
Ibby Akkas
Email: ibrahim.akkas@admin.ox.ac.uk

Social Media Officer

Creative Media Manager
Tom Wilkinson
Tel: 01865 270775, email: tom.wilkinson@admin.ox.ac.uk

Creative Media Manager
Chris Lee
Tel: 01865 280076, email: chris.lee@admin.ox.ac.uk

Campaigns Project Manager
Samuel Harriman
Tel: 01865 280672

Campaign Producer

Events Office

Please note, whilst the Events Office organise many events on behalf of the University, many more are organised by other departments and colleges. If you are looking for a specific event, please see the events listings page, which also contains contact details of the event organisers.

General contact: events.office@admin.ox.ac.uk

Head of Events (job share)
Lisa Seddon
Tel: 01865 280662, email: lisa.seddon@admin.ox.ac.uk

Head of Events (job share)
Susannah Sheffield
Tel: 01865 280525, email: susannah.sheffield@admin.ox.ac.uk

Senior Events Manager
Olivia Allen
Tel: 01865 270568, email: olivia.allen@admin.ox.ac.uk

Senior Events Manager
Joanne Fisher
Tel: 01865 280524, email: joanne.fisher@admin.ox.ac.uk

Events Manager

Events Officer
Sarah Morrish
Tel: 01865 280730, email: sarah.morrish@admin.ox.ac.uk

Becky Crook
Tel: 01865 270154, email: rebecca.crook@admin.ox.ac.uk

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