Oxford skyline
Oxford skyline
Credit: Greg Smolonski. This image is from Oxford University Images.


Journalists: please contact the News Office on news.office@admin.ox.ac.uk or phone 01865 280528 to ensure the quickest response to your request. Your request may be delayed or re-routed if you use other contact details on this page.

Management Office

Director of Public Affairs and Communications
James Colman
Tel: 01865 280733, email: james.colman@admin.ox.ac.uk

Administrator and HR Coordinator
Becky Hedges
Tel: 01865 280733, email: rebecca.hedges@admin.ox.ac.uk

Corporate Communications

General contact: news.office@admin.ox.ac.uk

Head of Corporate Communications
Stephen Rouse
Tel: 01865 280533, email: stephen.rouse@admin.ox.ac.uk

Communications Manager (Education and Admissions)
Nicki O’Shea
Tel: 01865 280531, email: nicola.oshea@tss.ox.ac.uk

Strategic Communications Manager
Rob Ashley
Tel: 01865 280730, email: robert.ashley@tss.ox.ac.uk

News & Information Officer
Dawn Hinsley
Tel: 01865 270164, email: information.office@admin.ox.ac.uk

Nicola Sweetnam 
Tel: 01865 280528, email: news.office@admin.ox.ac.uk

Editor, QUAD (formerly Oxford Today)
Richard Lofthouse
Tel: 07790 902982, email: richard.lofthouse@admin.ox.ac.uk

Government and Community Relations Officer
Laurence Garfield
Tel: 01865 280335, email: laurence.garfield@admin.ox.ac.uk

Research and Innovation Communications

Head of Strategic Communications (Research and Innovation)
Alex Buxton
(contact for Humanities Division)
Tel: 01865 283877, email: alexander.buxton@admin.ox.ac.uk

Communications Manager (Research and Innovation)
Chris McIntyre
(contact for Medical Sciences Division)
Tel: 01865 270046, email: christopher.mcintyre@admin.ox.ac.uk

Communications Manager (Research and Innovation)
Genevieve Juillet
(contact for Mathematical, Physical and Life Sciences Division)
Tel: 01865 280534, email: gen.juillet@admin.ox.ac.uk

Communications Manager (Research and Innovation)
Sarah Whitebloom
(contact for Social Sciences Division)
Tel: 01865 280540, email: sarah.whitebloom@admin.ox.ac.uk

Strategic Communications Manager (Research and Innovation) - Vaccines
Amjad Parkar
Tel: 01865 270002, email: amjad.parkar@admin.ox.ac.uk

Communications Officer (Research and Innovation) - COVID
Clea Boorman
Email: clea.boorman@tss.ox.ac.uk

Innovation Communications Manager (Innovation and Engagement)
Ashleigh Scott
Email: ashleigh.scott@admin.ox.ac.uk

Internal Communications

Head of Internal Communications
Anna Myers
Tel: 01865 280547, email: anna.myers@admin.ox.ac.uk

Internal Communications Manager
Annette Cunningham
Tel: 01865 280720, email: annette.cunningham@admin.ox.ac.uk

Internal Communications Manager (Change Management)
Gill Green
Email: gillian.green@admin.ox.ac.uk

Internal Communications Manager
Rakiya Farah
Email: rakiya.farah@admin.ox.ac.uk

COVID Internal Communications Manager
Claire Hooper
Email: claire.hooper@admin.ox.ac.uk

Interim Internal Communications Officer
Sarah Airey
Email: sarah.airey@tss.ox.ac.uk


Gazette Editor
Dawn Dooher
Tel: 01865 280549, email: dawn.dooher@admin.ox.ac.uk

Deputy Gazette Editor
Mia Gaudern
Tel: 01865 280548, email: mia.gaudern@admin.ox.ac.uk

Brand & Design

General contact: publications@admin.ox.ac.uk

Head of Brand and Design
Paul Chinn
Tel: 01865 280541, email: paul.chinn@admin.ox.ac.uk

Creative Design Manager
Laetitia Velia
Tel: 01865 280542, email: laetitia.velia@admin.ox.ac.uk

Creative Design Manager
Pippa Havenhand
Email: pippa.havenhand@admin.ox.ac.uk

Finance Officer
Lauren Pounds
Tel: 01865 280545, email: lauren.pounds@admin.ox.ac.uk

Campaigns & Digital Communications Office

General contact: digicomms@admin.ox.ac.uk

Head of Campaigns and Digital Communications
Liz McCarthy
Tel: 01865 280474, email: elizabeth.mccarthy@admin.ox.ac.uk

Digital Communications Manager
Christopher Eddie
Tel: 01865 280546, email: christopher.eddie@admin.ox.ac.uk

Digital Communications Manager
Stephen Sangar
Tel: 01865 280550, email: stephen.sangar@admin.ox.ac.uk

Digital Communications Officer
Richard Watts
Tel: 01865 270280, email: richard.watts@admin.ox.ac.uk

Content and Social Media Manager
Ibrahim Akkas
Email: ibrahim.akkas@admin.ox.ac.uk

Social Media Officer
Emily Moulder
Email: emily.moulder@admin.ox.ac.uk

Creative Media Manager (Research and Innovation)
Tom Fuller
Tel: 01865 270775, email: tom.fuller@admin.ox.ac.uk

Creative Media Manager
Chris Lee
Tel: 01865 280076, email: chris.lee@admin.ox.ac.uk

Campaign Content Manager

Campaign Content Producer
Melissa Bradshaw
Email: melissa.bradshaw@admin.ox.ac.uk

Events Office

Please note, whilst the Events Office organise many events on behalf of the University, many more are organised by other departments and colleges. If you are looking for a specific event, please see the events listings page, which also contains contact details of the event organisers.

General contact: events.office@admin.ox.ac.uk

Head of Events
Lisa Seddon
Tel: 01865 280662, email: lisa.seddon@admin.ox.ac.uk

Events Manager
Olivia Allen
Tel: 01865 270568, email: olivia.allen@admin.ox.ac.uk

Events Manager
Joanne Fisher
Tel: 01865 280524, email: joanne.fisher@admin.ox.ac.uk

Events Manager
Susannah Sheffield
Tel: 01865 280525, email: susannah.sheffield@admin.ox.ac.uk

Becky Crook
Tel: 01865 270154, email: rebecca.crook@admin.ox.ac.uk

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