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Some of the institutions who have given the PAD team awards

Awards and recognition

The Public Affairs Directorate has been recognised for its outstanding campaigns and communications by some of the UK's leading institutions.


CASE Circle of Excellence Awards: Silver Award for Maths + Cancer podcast

Judges' comments

A great effort set clearly within the context of the University's research and awareness of key audiences. The project is also presented as part of a wider cancer research comms strategy. Well done.


CASE Circle of Excellence Awards: Gold Award for True Planet

Judges' comments

The messages that came across in this campaign were so clear. The judges commented on the work and discussions that would have had to go on behind the scenes to select the research and facts to present, the best speaker to communicate those, and the visuals to go alongside of this. It seems that each decision in that process was as close to perfect as possible. this campaign tackled a subject that has been in the public eye for years and yet this campaign seemed fresh and appealing. Congratulations!

Shortlisted for:

CIPR Awards: Education Campaign – True Planet


PR Week Global Awards: Best Public Sector Campaign – Oxford’s COVID-19 Response

CIPR Awards: Education Campaign – Oxford’s COVID-19 Research

CASE Circle of Excellence Awards: Gold Award for COVID Campaign

Judges' comments

This is a top-tier strategic communications campaign telling how Oxford's researchers successfully led a race for lifesaving treatments, and sharing that story daily as it played out to the entire world. From media relations to digital campaigns to social media to video production, this all-expansive innovative communications and marketing strategy positioned Oxford quite well. It also had measurable and enormously impressive results. Sometimes you need to tell the outside world what you are doing, and that is just what they did here.

CASE Circle of Excellence Awards: Silver Award for Media Relations

Judges' comments

Most of the entries were about COVID this year, so it was hard to stand out in that crowd. This entry set itself apart with its comprehensiveness, scale, and results.

THE Awards: Outstanding Marketing/Communications Team

Shortlisted for:

CIPR Awards: COVID Response – Oxford’s COVID-19 Response

Institute for Internal Communications: COVID Response

UK Social Media Awards: Low Budget Campaign - Oxford at Home & COVID Conversations livestreams


CASE Circle of Excellence Awards: Gold Award for Futuremakers Podcast

Judges' comments

It feels like we’re listening in on a conversation between incredibly smart people. The experts come from varied departments to promote a more diverse conversation, and we hear disagreements, interjections, etc. The host asks questions that drive the conversation, yet nothing about it feels forced. Because of the length of each episode, they dive deep into each topic. They do a great job at explaining very nuanced topics through a broad range of voices and opinions.

Shortlisted for:

Guardian University Awards: Marketing and Comms Campaigns Runner-up – True Planet

CIPR Awards: Education Campaign – True Planet

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