View of the Financial District of London near the Tower Bridge across the River Thames, London.
View of the Financial District of London near the Tower Bridge across the River Thames, London.
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Oxford is fulfilling for almost everyone, because of the diversity and variety offered. That's what makes it so exciting and so brilliant.


I chose Oxford because I thought it would be an unbelievable opportunity for me.


Oxford is a really great city. There are lots of fantastic things to do. If you’re looking for a challenging course and a supportive community, then Oxford is the place for you!


Oxford for London

Oxford is a popular university for those living in London, not only because of its global reputation for offering a great education, but also because it’s near and convenient. We do know though, that some talented students from London communities don’t apply to Oxford, and we want that to change.

In particular, we want to encourage students from Black, Asian and minority ethnic groups, mature students, disabled students and care experienced students to apply. We know that some eligible students face multiple disadvantages, and we want to help level the playing field and increase their chance of receiving a world class education they might really enjoy. To do this, we need to recognise the barriers, and offer practical and bespoke support to address these.

Oxford's regional outreach is led by our colleges, with Oxford colleges providing support for students and their supporters in linked local authority areas. Many Oxford colleges are already working with state schools across London. You can see an overview of this in our School Support pages.

We are currently working together to develop new widening access priorities for London which:

  • address university progression and Oxford admissions
  • act upon valuable insights from colleges, resulting from their close ties with London schools
  • identify effective and bespoke support for specific student groups
  • consult widely with target students, as well as the families and teachers supporting them.

Existing Student Projects will be developed to meet the needs of London applicants better and in particular for those from groups which are currently under-represented at Oxford.

Five students sitting on a bench in front a stone wall in Worcester College

There is a wide range of outreach activities and online resources available to every potential applicant and their supporters.

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