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Year of Science: ON AIR

Pete Wilton

To celebrate BBC Year of Science 2010 three Oxford scientists are appearing on BBC Radio Oxford every day this week to perform live science experiments.

Andrew Steele, Rosalind West, and Suzie Sheehy - three DPhil students from Oxford University's Department of Physics - will be joining Breakfast Show presenter Malcolm Boyden on BBC Oxford 95.2 FM at 7:15am [or the repeat at 8:15am] every morning.

They'll be performing and explaining different science demonstrations and exploring answers to 'impossible questions': such as how the Universe came into existence and what the future of computing has in store.

In their first slot they showed Malcolm how anyone can find their own retinal blind spots with just a sheet of paper and a pen. They then went on to show how you can see the retinal blood vessels that criss-cross your vision, but that the brain normally 'edits' out, with a pen torch.

If you missed this morning's edition watch what they got up to on this BBC Oxford video or listen again on BBC iPlayer.

UPDATE: Watch a video of Tuesday's experiments here.