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WCSJ 2009: Coming to Oxford

Pete Wilton

It’s the summer event that’s got it all: an evening spent chatting to top Oxford University scientists and enjoying drinks and food at Magdalen College in a picturesque venue beside the river.

Held on 3 July 2009, this free evening reception for delegates from the World Conference of Science Journalists (WCSJ 2009) is a fitting end to a day trip that takes in some of the UK’s most important science facilities including Diamond, CLF, ISIS and JET.

There are still places available to sign up for both the Oxfordshire tour and the evening event, which will be hosted by Marcus du Sautoy.

As regular readers will know Marcus is both Professor of Mathematics and Simonyi Professor at Oxford: his recent TV appearances have included BBC Two’s Horizon and BBC Four’s The Story of Maths, and he writes a regular column for The Times newspaper. You can also follow him on Twitter.

The guest list is also likely to include such leading Oxford academics as Professor Sir Richard Peto, Professor Lionel Tarassenko, Professor Fred Taylor and Dr Ian Goldin.

in previous posts space scientist Fred Taylor has given us insights into everything from weather and volcanoes on Venus to new Moon missions, while engineer Lionel Tarassenko has told us in the past about technologies that can remotely monitor human health and even the health of jet engines.

More top Oxford scientists are telling us they’d like to come along every day, so it’s likely to be a very special opportunity.

OxSciBlog will be giving regular updates on the attendees and stories on offer at what should be a fun and fascinating occasion, so watch this space for more details.