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Vote to save orangutan homeland

Pete Wilton

The peat swamps of Sabangau are home to vast array of wildlife including the world's largest orangutan population.

For the last three years OxSciBlog has been following work by Dr Susan Cheyne of Oxford University's WildCRU, one of the leaders of the OuTrop Project, to study and protect the creatures and habitat found in this corner of Borneo.

Now you can take part in a free public vote to help save the home of all Sabangau's special primates, rare clouded leopards, bears, and other wildlife. Simply go to the National Geographic Germany website where you can vote for OuTrop (see 'Protect and Restore Orangutan Habitat, Southern Borneo') to receive funding from the European Outdoor Conservation Agency (EOCA).

If successful EOCA funding will go towards restoring orangutan populations in the peat swamp, analysing the needs of the forest apes, and making sure any solution is sustainable and also benefits local people working there.