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Saving Borneo's forest apes

Pete Wilton

Tomorrow at 2pm Susan Cheyne will be updating listeners to Radio Oxford on the progress of her conservation work in Borneo.

Susan, of Oxford University's WildCRU, is leading research into the agile gibbon and wild cat species for the OuTrop project.

We've blogged about her work before, including the amazing images and sounds of gibbons swinging through the trees and how camera traps set up in the forest have snapped photos of elusive species, such as the clouded leopard.

Above are a selection of the latest photos from her work: this year, the 8th they have been studying orangutans and the 7th agile gibbons, has seen the birth of 2 orangutans and 3 gibbons in the groups studied.

The project is hoping to make a real difference, not just to the forest apes but to the overall ecology of the rainforest: Susan has already raised over £7,000 to provide equipment to help combat forest fires and this year the team have started the first ever long-term regeneration project to re-forest the degraded peatland.

They are also offering a new training programme for the project's Indonesian staff to help pass on the skills needed to continue and expand the scientific and conservation work.

On Thursday she'll be explaining more about her research, and how members of the public can help, at an event at Science Oxford.

Dr Susan Cheyne is a member of the WildCRU, part of Oxford University's Department of Zoology.