The Utahraptor is now in the Children's Hospital at the JR

Summer transfer latest: dino moves to children's hospital

Matt Pickles

One dinosaur, free to a good home.

This was the call from Oxford University's Museum of Natural History last year, when they asked the public for suggestions for where they should relocate their four-metre long model of a Utahraptor.

The dinosaur has definitely found a good home: it has now been installed at the Children’s Hospital at Oxford’s John Radcliffe Hospital.

The Museum acquired the model in 2000, and it spent time terrorising shoppers at Blackwell’s book shop as part of the Museum’s Goes To Town project in 2014.

But following a reorganisation of the Museum’s collections, it asked for nominations for somewhere to send the dinosaur.

200 venues around the world put in their bids, but the winning one came from Sarah Fletcher, who thought the dinosaur could amaze and inspire the young patients at the hospital.

“The idea of having a model Utahraptor in the hospital seemed like a lot of fun,” she said.

“Having been through the Children’s Hospital with my family, I knew that it would make such a difference to everyone who walks through those doors.

“But I never thought in a million years that we would win it – I am thrilled!”

Hannah Allum, Project Manager at the Museum, is delighted with the outcome. “I hope that the Utahraptor will delight patients and visitors,” she said.

“It’s a nice thought that this Cretaceous character will bring a little piece of the Museum into the hospital environment.”

The dinosaur is now in place, looking down on the entrance to the Children’s Hospital.