Oxford Institute for Ethics in AI to host ground-breaking AI Ethics Conference
Oxford Institute for Ethics in AI to host ground-breaking AI Ethics Conference

Oxford Institute for Ethics in AI to host ground-breaking AI Ethics Conference

The Oxford University Institute for Ethics in AI is hosting an exciting one day conference in Athens on the 20th of June 2024, The Lyceum Project: AI Ethics with Aristotle, in partnership with Stanford University and Demokritos, Greece's National Centre for Scientific Research.

Set in the cradle of philosophy, adjacent to the ancient site of Aristotle’s school, the conference will showcase some of the greatest philosophical minds and feature a special address from the Greek Prime Minister, Kyriakos Mitsotakis, as they discuss the most pressing question of our times – the ethical regulation of AI.

The conference will be free to attend (register to attend).

Professor John Tasioulas, Director of the Institute for Ethics in AI, said: ‘The Aristotelian approach to ethics, with its rich notion of human flourishing, has great potential to help us grapple with the urgent question of what it means to be human in the age of AI. We are excited to bring together philosophers, scientists, policymakers, and entrepreneurs in a day-long dialogue about how ancient wisdom can shed light on contemporary challenges.’

George Nounesis, Director & Chairman of the Board of NCSR Demokritos said: ‘There is no such thing as ethically neutral AI; and high-quality research on AI cannot ignore its inherent ethical aspects. Ancient Greek philosophy can serve as a valuable resource guiding us in this discourse. In this respect, Aristotelian philosophy can play a pivotal role by nurturing ethical reasoning and a comprehensive understanding of the societal 'implications of AI, broadening the dialogue with society.’

Alexandra Mitsotaki, President of the World Human Forum, said: ‘This conference is an important first step towards our vision to bring Aristotle’s lyceum alive again by showing the relevance of the teachings of the great philosopher for today’s global challenges. We aspire for the Lyceum to become a global point of connection. This is, after all, the original location where the great philosopher thought, taught and developed many of the ideas that formed Western Civilisation.’

At the Lyceum Project, attendees will gain insights from leading philosophers, practitioners, and policymakers through a series of compelling sessions, including:

1. Philosophers' Panel: Professors John Tasioulas and Josiah Ober discuss the philosophical ideas that can guide the ethical development of AI.

2. Practitioners' Panel: A panel of major figures from academic, technical, entrepreneurial, and regulatory spheres of AI discuss the practicalities of integrating philosophy and ethics into AI practices.

3. Speech by the Prime Minister of Greece: The conference will be honoured by an address from Kyriakos Mitsotakis, who will share his vision for the ethical advancement of AI in Greece and beyond and the importance of regenerating Aristotle’s Lyceum today.

4. Early Career Researchers' Parallel Sessions: Intimate breakout sessions for exploring the latest research from emerging scholars dedicated to advancing Aristotelian AI ethics.

5. Aristotle Lyceum Experiencing the spirit of the place: The day will conclude with an evening programme consisting of an interdisciplinary youth dialogue on the issues that have been discussed during the day and a dance project by Sasha Waltz with the Athens Conservatoire dance students, offering a vibrant close to an intellectually stimulating day.

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