Can finance help the climate?

11 October 2021

‘Finance matters,’ says Dr Nicola Ranger, head of Oxford’s climate and environmental risk research, about why finance is one of the core themes of the COP26 conference. ‘It affects every part of our lives’.

In the run-up to Glasgow, 10 leading Oxford climate researchers have recorded their concerns and hopes for the November conference. This third video features Dr Ranger, deputy director of the UK Centre for Greening Finance. One of the biggest challenges for the investment community in future is understanding the risks and recognising the potential opportunities.

‘Investment needs to flow where it is needed,’ she says. ‘[Green investment] is the biggest investment opportunity in history.’

In the video, Dr Ranger says, ‘Over the next 15 years we need $93 trillion dollars to be flowing into low carbon technologies....The financial sector says this is the biggest investment opportunity in history.’

At Oxford, Dr Ranger says, we have brought together experts from across the disciplines and from a dozen universities to provide information and advice for investment, ‘enabling countries and governments to see the risks and the opportunities’.

Nicola's COP26 ask: We need policymakers to set the right environment
In later videos, leading Oxford researchers say that, with investment in new technologies and commitment to promises, climate change can be mitigated – if policymakers set the agenda.

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