The cloisters of New College.

(image credit: New College / Oxford University Images)

Successful undergraduate offers for 2021

Oxford University is delighted to announce that it has offered more than 3,500 talented students places for undergraduate study next year.

The University congratulates all students who have been offered places, given the challenging and pressurised circumstances they are facing during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Final figures have yet to be confirmed, but the admissions round was highly competitive with nearly seven applicants for every undergraduate place. The University is confident it remains on track to meet its ambitions for fair access, with early indications that admissions from under-represented social groups will be in line with last year’s record figures.

The University’s pioneering Opportunity Oxford scheme, now in its second year of operation, has made offers to 168 students from under-represented backgrounds for a package of support to help them make the transition to study at Oxford. The first cohort of Opportunity Oxford students have now started their studies at the University and spoken in praise of the extra preparation and support the course provides.

The University is also very grateful to the schools and colleges who helped arrange more than 10,000 online interviews in December. The University is now considering what extra academic support can be offered to students whose studies have been disrupted by the Covid-19 pandemic, particularly those from under-represented backgrounds. We are assessing and strengthening the support we offered last year, which included online briefing sessions with tutors and current students, and additional academic and mental health support for students’ first term in Oxford, as well as the two- week residential bridging programme for Opportunity Oxford candidates. The University aims to do all it can to support offer holders from all backgrounds to assist their entry to Oxford at this difficult time.