The women's and men's Varsity matches will now be held at Twickenham on the same day
The women's and men's Varsity matches will now be held at Twickenham on the same day

Women's Varsity rugby match moves to Twickenham

The Varsity Match between Oxford and Cambridge's women's rugby union sides will be held at Twickenham Stadium for the first time on 10 December 2015.

The match, which has alternated between Oxford University's Iffley Road and Cambridge's Grange Road stadiums for the past 27 years, will be held on the same day as the men's match.

'This is a major step forward for women’s sport at both universities, and especially for the game of rugby union,' said the current Oxford women's team captain Tess Braunerova.

'A lot of players and administrators have worked tirelessly down the past three decades to establish women’s rugby as an option for students at the two Universities and the move to Twickenham is a tribute to all their efforts.

'Women's rugby has not only taken hold at Oxford, but is a flourishing sport. The Varsity Match, as with the men, is the focal point of our season and by having the biggest, best and most famous stage in world rugby on which to play from now on can only be a catalyst for greater growth.'

Women's rugby has come a long way at Oxford. When the first match was played in 1988, the Oxford team played in jerseys borrowed from their male counterparts. Cambridge played in red and blue, rather than their traditional light blue, after getting a sponsorship deal with the clothing company, Kent and Curwen.

The current Cambridge Women’s RUFC President and tight head prop, Katie Holmes, believes the switch to Twickenham Stadium will be 'massively important' in helping both Clubs further develop the game throughout the Colleges at the two Universities.

'We have doubled the number of College teams from four to eight in the past few seasons and, with the joint boost of England winning the World Cup and the news of our Varsity Match moving to Twickenham with the men’s match, we need to prepare for further growth,' she said.

'This decision puts us on a par with the men’s match and, more importantly, forges stronger links between the two sections at both Clubs. This is a hugely historic step for the game of rugby at Oxford and Cambridge.'