Open Days show Oxford at its most friendly

Thousands of prospective applicants and their families are visiting Oxford on 27 and 28 June as Oxford's colleges and departments open their doors.

The Open Days are held each year to allow those interested in applying to the University to visit Oxford and learn more about the undergraduate courses, the colleges and the University in general. All colleges and departments are putting on events, along with the museums, libraries and other facilities.

All undergraduate colleges and departments are putting on events, and the Examination Schools on the high street features an Open Day Information Centre with talks given by Oxford's Undergraduate Admissions Office team for students and parents, as well as for teachers.

Mike Nicholson, Director of Undergraduate Admissions at Oxford, says: 'Open Days are a valuable opportunity to dispel the many myths and preconceptions which surround Oxford.  The University wants to attract high quality candidates from any and every background, and the open days help us achieve this aim.

'Each year we seek to improve our visitors' experience, and this year the near universal participation of colleges and departments, plus added areas to explore like the Oxford Union means that prospective undergraduates should find out what they want to know about the University. We also hope that our information point gazebos and tailored presentations for teachers will ensure everyone gets their questions answered, whatever their interest in the day.'

Helen Charlesworth, Head of Enquiries and Marketing at Oxford University, says: 'People often ask, "where is Oxford University?", as though it is one place or one campus. We will have a central information venue at the Open Days for those used to open days at other universities, but what is wonderful and unique about Oxford is the collegiate system here, where every student is part of a smaller college community while also a member of their department and the central University.

'We really look forward to welcoming visitors to open days and letting them see how being part of a friendly, welcoming college community enhances the university experience. It's also a wonderful chance for people who live here to show off the city and University. We hope that everyone enjoys the days.'