Students sitting on the steps of the Clarendon building
Students taking a break in the sunshine on the steps of the Clarendon building situated next to the Sheldonian Theatre.

Visiting students

If you are a student from overseas and wish to spend a period of up to three terms (one academic year) in Oxford on an undergraduate course, you can apply to a college for a place as a registered Visiting Student.

Visiting Student status

Visiting Student status is typically intended for undergraduate students taking a year abroad. If you are a graduate student, it is not possible to join the course activities of Oxford's taught graduate courses, so as a Visiting Student you would follow the curriculum of one of Oxford's undergraduate courses.

As a registered Visiting Student you become a member of an Oxford college, and it is the college that will arrange for your tuition or supervision. Oxford does not award a degree or any other qualification for one year of study as a Visiting Student, but colleges are willing to provide a transcript, for example for credit purposes at the home institution. If necessary (for example, for an employer) the University would be able to confirm that you were listed on the Register as a Visiting Student.

As a Visiting Student you do not matriculate at the University of Oxford but your name is entered on the University’s Register as a Visiting Student and you will be affiliated with a college or society.

Admission to the University

Information for students applying for registered Visiting Student status is available from our Undergraduate Admissions Visiting Student page. You should first check with the Study Abroad Office at your home institution. If your home institution has links to particular Oxford colleges you should apply through the scheme already in place. If not, visit the Undergraduate Admissions college pages or guidance on how to choose a college.

Access to facilities

You will have access to all college facilities and membership of the Junior Common Room (JCR) - the undergraduate student body. You also have access to a wide range of University facilities, including the Bodleian Libraries, faculty (subject) libraries, IT services, and the great wealth of lectures organised by the University throughout the academic year.

Fees and accommodation

University tuition fees are payable to cover the cost of access to the University facilities. As you are affiliated to a college you will also pay college fees and have access to college accommodation. You should also consider your living costs.

Before you arrive

You will receive a University student contract, including a University card application form from your college. This card acts as a form of identity on college or University premises, provides admission to University libraries, IT services and the Language Centre, and in some departments can be used as a payment card or to access buildings.

Before arriving as a new student in Oxford you should complete the first step of your University registration using Student Self Service. Your Oxford Single Sign On IT account details will be sent to you via email. Your College Office will complete your University registration when you arrive.

Arriving at Oxford

On arrival your college will complete your University registration and provide you with your University card. Once your University registration is complete you will be able to log back into Student Self Service to print an enrolment certificate and check and update your personal details throughout the year.

What if I have to postpone or cancel my study?

If your circumstances change and you have to postpone your arrival or cancel your study, please inform the college that you have applied to.