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Oxford matriculation ceremony at the Sheldonian Theatre
Oxford students attending a matriculation ceremony in the Sheldonian Theatre
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Latest news for students

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Clubs and societies

Get involved in clubs and societies at Oxford


With more than 150 officially recognised clubs and societies to choose from, there is a something for everybody at Oxford.

When it comes to sport, Oxford has a breadth and history to be proud of – from rowing and rugby to korfball and octopush, the University offers pretty much every sport you’ve ever heard of, and a lot that you haven’t, and at every level. Some leagues are quite informal offering a chance to stay fit and socialise with friends, while others are much more competitive, with some of the best teams nearing University standard. The main event for any University sports team is the Varsity match – an annual fixture against the Cambridge University equivalent club, where participants in selected sports have a chance to earn themselves the famed ‘Oxford Blue’, the highest sporting recognition the University offers. At whatever level you choose to play at, the most important part of sport at Oxford is you. Each club is always looking for new members, and many hold preseason training camps before the start of term, which are open to people of all abilities. To find out more, visit Oxford University Sport.

The Oxford Newcomers’ Club provides a meeting point for partners of newly arrived graduate students, including coffee mornings, tours of Oxford colleges, visits to museums, and coach trips to places of interest in the surrounding area.

Degree ceremonies

Attending a degree ceremony?


The degree ceremonies page provides useful information to help prepare you for the day.

On the page, you will find information on what you should wear, venue accessibility, obtaining your degree certificate, eligibility for the MA, taking photographs on the day, and purchasing your ceremony DVD. In addition, the Oxford University Shop specialises in Oxford clothing and gifts, with the profits helping to support the University's work in education and research. University of Oxford students receive 10% off purchases (excluding original artwork, sale items and promoted items).

Orientation programme

Orientation Programme


The Orientation programme for European and international student is available to help you settle into the University.

The Programme provides the opportunity to meet students from more than 100 countries, and gives you advice about practical aspects of living and studying in the UK and Oxford. The Orientation Programme will be held on Thursday 1 October (for graduates reading subjects in Social Sciences Division), Friday 2 October (for graduates reading subjects in all other Divisions) and on Monday 5 October (for undergraduates and visiting students). A partners and families event will be held on Saturday 3 October. Your college will send you information about how to register for the Programme over the summer (you will need the Oxford online code), together with details on when you can arrive in your accommodation.


Student record

New digital services from the Bodleian


Items are freely available to access via the Bodleian’s digital services for the first time.

The new Digital.Bodleian online collection allows users to view the Library's resources online, including more than 115,000 images and items. You can search the digital archives, browse by collection, create your own collections and share online with friends. Visit the Digital.Bodleian website.

Verifying qualifications

Examination results


Once your examination results are released you will be sent an email letting you know that they are available to view in Student Self Service.

More information can be found on the Results page of the Oxford Students website.

US and Canadian loans

Preparing to leave Oxford?


If you are completing your studies there are a few things that you need to do before you leave.

The entitlement to your full range of IT services continues until your course completion. For details on access to your email account and entitlement to optional email forwarding, Student Self Service and and tuition or supervision reports, visit the Leaving Oxford page of the Oxford Students website. Don’t forget to update your contact details in Student Self Service before you leave to ensure that you continue to receive important correspondence from the University.

Students with disabilities

Vaccinations before you arrive


Due to an increase in cases of Meningitis type W, new first year students (aged under 25) at all UK universities are now recommended to have the Meningitis ACWY vaccine.

Oxford colleges are at the core of welfare provision, each college has a link to a group of National Health Service (NHS) General Practitioners (GP), often referred to as the ‘college doctor’. You are strongly encouraged to register with the practice and will receive information from your college on how to do so.

Due to an increase in cases of Meningitis type W, new first year students (aged under 25) at all UK universities are now recommended to have the Meningitis ACWY vaccine. This is different from the previous Meningitis C vaccine. Please make an appointment with your local doctor/general practice to have this vaccine before coming to Oxford. The ACWY vaccine has not been part of the routine immunisation schedule before, although some people will have had it for travel purposes. If you have had the ACWY vaccine in the last five years, you do not need another dose.

If you have not had both the normal doses of the MMR vaccine, it is strongly recommended that you are immunised before coming to Oxford, as there have been clusters of cases of mumps and measles at various universities. The MMR vaccine can be given at the same time as the ACWY vaccine if required.  It is better to be immunised before arrival (because of the risk of transmission during events at the start of term) but it will be possible to have the vaccine later, once you have registered with a college doctor or another Oxford General Practitioner if you prefer.

Somerville Great War Roadshow

Finding graduate housing


There is a wide range of accommodation options available to graduate students, both privately and within the University, to suit a variety of needs and living arrangements.

Your college will contact you to confirm whether they are able to offer you accommodation during your studies. If college accommodation is not available or right for you, the University’s Graduate Accommodation Office can help find a suitable property for you and, where required, your partner and/or children. You can find out more about living in Oxford through the Graduate Admissions website, the Oxford University Student Union or the Oxford Student Pad.

Graduate students must reside within twenty-five miles of Oxford Carfax Tower (in the city centre) unless given special permission to work away from Oxford for a period, or granted a dispensation from the residence limits by the Proctors. You must also be resident for at least six weeks in each term of your course unless excused by the Proctors. Research students may be granted dispensation from the requirements to keep residence if it is necessary to carry out academic work elsewhere.

Open Doors at the Bate

Your community


A great way of getting to know Oxford is to contribute to the local community.

With students making up 24% of the city’s population the positive impact you can make is enormous. While the vast majority of Oxford University students are members of a college community, you are situated in the heart of a diverse and multi-cultural city which is waiting to be explored. Volunteering through the Oxford University Student Union, Oxford Hub or a wide range of community projects is a great way to make a positive contribution to your local area and to get involved in your chosen cause or passion. Volunteering opportunities also act as a valuable addition to your CV and help broaden your horizons with a view to future employment. For more information, visit the Oxford Students website.

Student studying

Contents insurance


Check with your college if you need to arrange contents insurance before your arrival at your accommodation.

Some colleges have insurance policies that cover their students' belongings. Endsleigh is the official insurance service of the National Union of Students and offer a student policy protecting you against theft, loss and accidental damage on items including laptops and mobile phones. An international student policy is also offered by Endsleigh for those coming from overseas.

Undergraduate sports

First time marathon runners medical study


Are you running your first Marathon? Would you like to take part in research?

Professor Sanjay Sharma, Medical Director of the London Marathon, is leading a heart research study. If you have entered the ballot for the 2016 Virgin Money London Marathon, are between the ages of 18 and 35 and have never run a Marathon before, you are invited to participate.

The heart research study is being conducted by St George's, University of London in collaboration with the Barts Heart Centre, London. It is an opportunity to undergo free and comprehensive heart MOTs, which would otherwise cost over £2,000 if done privately. You will also be able to see how much your peak fitness improves as a result of your training. It is a relatively safe and non-invasive study and involves no experimental drugs or procedures. Participants in the study would be invited to three hospital visits: the first in mid-late October 2015, the second in early-mid May 2016, and the third in late July 2016. The tests include heart tracings, heart ultrasound scans, exercise fitness tests (VO2 max), blood tests and heart MRI scans.

The Centre for Inherited Cardiovascular Conditions and Sports Cardiology at St George's Hospital is researching the cardiac effects of high intensity exercise on heart muscle structure. They are enrolling healthy men and women between the ages of 18 to 35 years of age who currently exercise less than 2 hours/week but plan to run a marathon. Participants should have no history of heart disease, diabetes, hypertension or high cholesterol. The study involves three visits each lasting approximately 3 hours to the Barts Heart Centre, London.

For more information, visit or email


Green Picnic Afternoon


A Green Picnic Afternoon will be held on Saturday 1 August at the Botanic Garden.

Visit between 13:00 and 16:00 for live music from local folk band, Kismet, stories from around the world from Vergine Gulbenkian, and activities with a green theme. Guests can also engage in a ‘meet and greet’ with local eco-friendly companies: Friends of the Earth, RSPB, Oxford Urban Wildlife Group, the Oxford Moth Project and Oxfordshire Master Composters.

The event will be held at the Botanic Garden, Rose Lane, Oxford, OX1 4AZ. The adult entrance fee is £4.95, and children go free. Refreshments and ice creams will be available on site. For more information, visit the Botanic Garden’s website.


CRISPR gene editing discussion


The CRISPR: Disruptive Technologies and Emerging Markets discussion will be held at the Saïd Business School from 15:30, Tuesday 18 August 2015.

Since the discovery that our genes hold the keys to our health, the race has been on to find a precise method to edit our genomes. CRISPR provides the tools to precisely edit genomes with unparalleled simplicity and flexibility, resulting in the potential for a revolutionary step towards curing hereditary disorders and correcting mutations that cause cancer. Join the informative and inspiring discussion about how entrepreneurs, academics and industry professionals can join in the battle to exploit the biggest biotech discovery of the decade. Reserve your free seat at the Oxford Biotech website.


Mobile WebLearn student interviews


IT Services is looking to enhance and extend WebLearn to improve its support for mobile usage.

In order to represent the needs of students, a set of student interviews are being conducted. By attending a small group interview for 1.5 hours on Wednesday 19 August you’ll have an opportunity to influence the evolution of WebLearn and associated technologies, and will receive a £15 Amazon voucher for your time.  Contact Marcus Cheetham ( to attend.


Tier 4 student visa collection


Students from outside the UK will be able to collect a biometric residence permit (BRP) from the Examination Schools between 09:00-17:00 from Tuesday 29 September - Tuesday 6 October 2015, or from the Oxford St Aldates Post Office outside of this period.

The date and time for collecting the card will need to be confirmed. Please read the Oxford guide to completing your visa application for sign-up and further information, including recent changes to the way visas are issued.


Student Orientation Programme


From 1 October – 5 October, European and international students are invited to attend the University’s Orientation Programme.

The Programme provides an opportunity to meet students from more than 100 countries, and gives you advice about practical aspects of living and studying in the UK and Oxford.

For students starting in Michaelmas term 2015, the Orientation Programmes will be held on Thursday 1 October (for graduates reading subjects in Social Sciences Division), Friday 2 October (for graduates reading subjects in all other Divisions), and on Monday 5 October (for undergraduates and visiting students). A partners and families event will be held on Saturday 3 October.

Your college will send you information about how to register for the Programme over the summer.

Business cards

Order University business cards


Order University of Oxford department or college branded business cards for use over the Long Vacation.

Whether you plan to undertake an internship or network with prospective employers over the summer, these be ordered from the Business cards page on the Oxford Students website. Cards are available in a minimum quantity of 100 to matriculated students, clubs and societies. Alternative language options are available.

Hardship funding

Careers advice over the summer


The Careers Service is open throughout the summer, with daily advice appointments available.

If you are not in Oxford, you can email with careers questions.

Verifying qualifications

GSS Supervisor reporting open


The Graduate Supervision System (GSS) is used to review, monitor and comment on student academic progress and assess skills and training needs.

Following the student reporting window, which has now closed for Trinity term, supervisor reporting is now open until Friday 10 July 2015 (Medical Sciences Division only) or Friday 16 October 2015 (all other divisions). Director of Graduate Studies (DGS) reporting will open on Monday 29 June 2015. You will be notified by email when your report is available to view and/or print from your GSS homepage. For more information, visit the GSS website.

UG Funding FAQs

Get involved with The Student Consultancy


The Student Consultancy offers the opportunity to work with local businesses on real issues and to develop key skills and experiences.

Focussing on developing confidence, team work and business engagement skills, as well as boosting consultancy-specific knowledge and building valuable contacts, students who have worked with the Consultancy have been placed with local businesses including IBM, Modern Art Oxford, Oxfam, the Playhouse Theatre, Low Carbon Headington and Oxford City Council. More information can be found on the Careers Service website. The scheme will re-open for applications in Michaelmas term.


Contact Academic Administration Division Communications by calling 01865 284847 or emailing