Oxford matriculation ceremony at the Sheldonian Theatre
Oxford students attending a matriculation ceremony in the Sheldonian Theatre
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Sitting examinations in 2014/15?


Make sure you are aware of your responsibilities when entering for examinations in Michaelmas term 2014.

The Examinations and assessments webpages include information on examination entries, regulations, alternative arrangements, submission of assessments, research degrees, timetables, results and academic transcripts.

Examination entry during Michaelmas term: ensure that you are aware of your examination entry dates and that you submit your entry forms to your college in time to avoid having to pay a late entry fee. Check your Academic and Assessment Information page in Student Self Service approximately two weeks after the entry date listed to ensure you have been entered for all assessments correctly, notifying your college and the Academic Records Office of any errors.

Examination entry from January: the examination entry process is changing from January 2015. You will then be able to enter for your examinations using Student Self Service; entry forms will no longer be poster to your college. Information will be sent to you in Michaelmas term about this change.

Examination entry fees should be paid using the online shop, before forms are submitted, with the order number written on the form. Applications will not be processed until payment has been received.

  • Late Examination Entry fee - £40
  • Change of Option fee - £40
  • Re-entry to the University examination for the Degrees of BPhil, MPhil, MTh, MSc (by coursework), MSt, MBA, MFA, MPP, and any diploma or certificate (other than those listed under §1 cl. 4(a)(xii) (a)-(i) of the Examination Regulations 2014), if the student is not receiving any further tuition and therefore not paying any composition fees – £156.

Have you carried out your University registration?


University registration is now closed. If you have not yet registered using Student Self Service, contact your college (or department if you do not have a college) to be enrolled for the 2014/15 academic year.

You will now be unable to log in to Student Self Service to verify your personal details, print an enrolment certificate as proof of student status, or view your examination and assessment results, until you have been enrolled.

Applying for readmission to a research course?


Students currently studying for a taught course at the University and applying to carry on to a research course with no break in their study can apply for readmission using Student Self Service.

You will receive an authorisation code at the appropriate readmission application period, in order to submit your application fee, free. This code will be displayed on your Student Self Service 'Academic and Assessment Information' page.

Eligible readmission candidates are: any MSt, MSc, MPhil, MPP, MFA, BPhil or MTh, BCL and Magister Juris students who wish to progress to the MPhil in Law.

Candidates for the Saïd Business School DPhil in Management Studies or the DPhil in Financial Economics should apply using the application form available from the Saïd Business School's website.

The readmission form is also used to apply for University scholarships so you must ensure that you submit your readmission form in time for the scholarship deadlines.

Information on the readmission process is available from the Graduate Admissions Application Guide page.

Industrial action by the UCU


The University and College Union has announced plans for an assessment and marking boycott on Thursday 6 November.

The University is looking at measures to minimise any disruption arising from this action. The action is in support of the UCU’S dispute over proposed changes to the USS pension scheme.

Applying for alternative examination arrangements


The deadline for applying for alternative arrangements for examinations taking place in Hilary term 2015 is Week 4 of Michaelmas term 2014 (7 November).

Applications must be submitted through your college, with whom you should discuss your requirements. It is particularly important to ensure your college is aware of any adjustments made to your examination sittings at the Examination Schools, and any changes in your circumstances. Alternative arrangements for reasons of disability or a medical condition include extra time, use of a computer, sitting in college, adjustments to seats, desk location etc. Visit the Oxford Students website for further information.

Changes to graduate taught degree regulations


New regulations to govern the suspension of, removal from, and reinstatement to the register for graduate taught students came into effect from 1 October 2014.

The changes, made in the Examination Regulations, will limit the number of terms that a graduate taught student may suspend status and the time within which a student might apply for reinstatement, while simplifying the regulations for ceasing to hold student status.

Changes to research degree regulations


With effect from 13 October 2014, the maximum number of terms’ extension permitted for MSc by Research and MLitt students will be reduced from six terms to three terms.

Applications for extensions which would take you beyond three terms of extension can no longer be granted without the support of your supervisor(s), college and department or faculty. Applications should be made through your Graduate Studies Assistant.

Santander Shareholders Scholarships


Santander shareholders and family (children and grandchildren of Santander shareholders) can apply for the scholarships available.

Up to ten scholarships of £3,000 are available to Santander shareholders and family studying an undergraduate degree in the 2014/15 academic year. Applications must be submitted electronically via the Santander Shareholder Relations website by 3 November 2014.

Ebola information, advice and support


Whilst the risk to the UK remains very low, the University continues to monitor the situation carefully.

Information is available for students arriving for the new term.

Financial support for students with refugee status


Students studying at Oxford who have refugee status in the UK are eligible to apply for a grant from the Lord Mayor’s Educational Trust Fund for Refugee Scholars, administered by Oxford City Council.

To receive a copy of the application form, contact Student Fees and Funding before Saturday 31 January 2015.

Student loan scam warning


There has been an increased number of phishing emails and text messages going to students from fake Student Finance Services.

Phishing scams are very common around this time of year, so students need to be extra cautious . To read more about phishing, visit the Student Loan Compny website.

The Student Loans Company are committed to protecting students and their information. There are a number of steps students can take to stay safe online.

Doctoral research fellowships available


The Philippe Wiener - Maurice Anspach Foundation awards research fellowships to Oxford DPhil students who wish to spend up to one year at the Université libre de Bruxelles (ULB) as part of their DPhil studies.

These non-renewable fellowships are open to students from all fields. To apply for a 2015-16 award of €1,800 per month (for between six and 12 months) before Friday 5 December 2014, visit the ULB website or email fwa@ulb.ac.be.

Register to vote in the UK


In order to vote in elections and referendums you need to be on the electoral register.

You can register to vote, providing your date of birth and national insurance number on the Gov.uk website. If you choose not to register you will be unable to vote in Oxford and the student voice could be ignored in the ward in which you live. For more information, watch the electoral campaign TV advert.

Interested in undertaking study or research in Geneva?


Graduate students can apply for a €1,000 bursary to pursue a programme of study or research at the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies, Geneva for a period of at least three weeks in 2014/15.

The Europaeum bursary is normally offered to students wishing to undertake research and study on themes that reflect the concerns - past, present and future - of Europe. Apply before Friday 5 December 2014 at the Europaeum Oxford - Geneva bursary website.

Help shape the future of the University


First and third year undergraduates have the opportunity to win £500 by completing an NUS survey.

Complete the confidential online survey about your time at University and the skills you have developed to help improve your employability.

The survey, which is being run in conjunction with the National Union of Students, will take about 15 minutes to complete. Visit the NUS website by Sunday 16 November 2014 to be entered in the draw for the chance to win £500 or one of 10 £50 runner-up prizes.


‘Doh Mix Meh Up’ Diaspora and Identity in Art


‘Doh Mix Meh Up’ is a one-day international art exhibition and performance programme featuring artists and artworks selected from an open call entitled ‘Exploring Diaspora through the Arts’.

The event brings together artist works, photography, film, spoken word poetry, theatre and a panel discussion as a way of exploring the varied and multifaceted experiences of those around the world who have moved from home to make a new life elsewhere.

Diasporas exist globally and include people with layered and diverse experiences. Art provides a means to express these complexities and creates a platform for alternative narratives, which often challenge existing power structures. Art also invites the viewer to engage with these narratives at a personal level and interpret the subject for themselves.

For more information about the event, taking place from 15:00-22:00 on Saturday 1 November 2014 at the Old Fire Station (OX1 2AQ), visit the Oxford Diasporas Programme website.


Science, engineering and technology fair 2014

Careers event

Meet over 90 employers recruiting for graduate roles and internships, 11:00-15:00 on Saturday 1 November 2014 at the Examination Schools.

You will also have the opportunity to:

  • Explore STEM careers in an enormous array of sectors.
  • Get advice on your CV from graduate recruiters at CV Clinics.
  • Attend careers talks and advice sessions on five different scientific careers.

For more information, visit the Careers Service blog.


The Great War: Personal Stories from Downing Street to the Trenches


Using letters and diaries of politicians, soldiers and civilians, this ongoing Bodleian Library exhibition relates contemporary experiences of the Great War.

Taking place from 18 June to 2 November 2014, this exhibition concentrates on the years 1914 to 1916, from the outbreak of war to the end of the battle of the Somme and the fall of Asquith.

Opening times:
09:00-17:00 on Monday to Friday
09:00-16:30 on Saturday
11:00-17:00 on Sunday

For more information, visit the Bodleian Libraries website or view a selection of the exhibits in the online gallery or buy a copy of the exhibition book.


Discovering Tutankhamun - now open


Visit the Ashmolean's summer exhibition 'Discovering Tutankhamun' between 10:00 and 17:00 everyday from 24 July to 2 November 2014.

The exhibition will tell the story of one of the most significant archaeological discoveries of the 20th century. Find out more about the hunt for the tomb and the thrill of its discovery, and see Howard Carter’s original records, drawings and photographs.

The 10 year long process of recording the remarkable objects buried with the king transformed Tutankhamun into an icon of the modern world. Explore the phenomenon of ‘Tutmania’ and see masterpieces from the Ashmolean’s own collections from Ancient Egypt and Sudan as well as loans of important pieces from museums around the world.

Booking is recommended and can be done on the Ashmolean museum website.


Staying in the UK to work presentation

Careers event

A presentation for students wishing to remain in the UK to work is taking place at the Careers Service from 12:30-14:00 on Tuesday 4 November 2014.

Visit the Careers Service website for information.


Contact Academic Administration Division Communications by calling 01865 284847 or emailing academicadmin.comms@admin.ox.ac.uk