Bodleian facade
Bodleian facade
Credit: Rob Judges. This image comes from Oxford University Images

University shops

When you purchase from the wide range of official Oxford University products available online or at our shops in Oxford, you are helping to support the University's work.

University of Oxford Shop

The University's official store has now ceased trading.


Celebrate centuries of history and learning with the Bodleian Library's gift selection. Working with specialist designers and manufacturers, Bodleian products have been created using images sourced from within its extensive collections. Each sale provides financial support for the ongoing work of the Library.


Choose from a wide range of gifts including souvenirs, books, posters, jewellery and decorative arts.

Botanic Garden

Select from guide books, postcards, plants, a small selection of gardening equipment, books for children and adults, gifts, stationery, toiletries and many seasonal items.

History of Science Museum

Take your pick from a variety of books, catalogues, postcards and more.

Bate Collection of Musical Instruments

The Bate shop features a wide collection of gifts, many with a musical flavour, for you to choose from.

Pitt Rivers Museum

Select from a varied selection of postcards, gifts and books relating to the Museum's collection.

University Museum of Natural History

Choose from a wide variety of fossils, minerals, jewellery, books, toys and many more natural history souvenirs, as well as a range of bespoke stationery, clothing, postcards and Museum publications.

Oxford University Press Bookshop

The OUP bookshop on the High Street has now permanently closed.

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