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For students

On this page you’ll find opportunities which you can apply for directly as a prospective student.

Oxford for East England organise a wide range of events, activities and programmes every year, both in Oxford and in your region, offering you the chance to experience university life and receive expert advice on your future options.

Some other activities, such as those run in schools and the Oxbridge Student Conferences, need to be organised through your teacher – please ask them if they can organise a visit or know of any upcoming events you can attend.

There are also lots of resources available online, including information and advice about university as well as super-curricular activities to stretch and challenge you outside the classroom. Find out more on our Online Resources page.

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Open Days

Who for: Students (Y11-13), Teachers, Families  |  When: June/July and September  |  Where: Oxford & online

The University holds three Open Days, two in June or July and one in September, each year. All colleges and departments are open for prospective students to visit and there's plenty of opportunity to ask questions. While you do not need to apply to visit us on an Open Day, sessions in some academic departments will require you to register in advance.

Find out information about what the Oxford for East England colleges have to offer here: Balliol College, Hertford College, Wadham College

Open Day visitors mingling on a lawn.

UNIQ Oxford

Who for: Students (Y12)  |  When: Summer (applications earlier)  |  Where: Oxford & online

UNIQ is the largest University of Oxford access programme for state school students. We prioritise places for students with good grades from backgrounds that are under-represented at Oxford and other universities. Every year more students from diverse backgrounds get offered places at Oxford with help from UNIQ.

The UNIQ residential summer school started in 2010 and we continually make changes to improve the support we provide to UNIQ students. For the last two years UNIQ has been delivered online, due to the pandemic. UNIQ 2022 will build on the successes of previous years, offering students both an academic residential in Oxford and a sustained online admissions support programme.

UNIQ residentials take place in the summer and give students a taste of the Oxford student experience. Students live in an Oxford college, attend lectures and seminars, and receive expert advice on the Oxford application and interview process. UNIQ is free of charge and travel costs are also covered.

UNIQ students with balloons

Balliol Subject Taster Days

Who for: Students (Y12)  |  When: Summer  |  Where: Oxford & online

These events organised by Balliol College are for Year 12s considering applying to Oxford and offer the opportunity to experience academic taster sessions and receive advice about interviews and the admissions process.

Register now for an online introduction to evidence-based medicine for aspiring medics in Y10 and above on Tuesday 8th February 2022, 4pm-5pm. The deadline to register is 5pm on Friday 4th February 2022.

Balliol is hosting Cochrane UK to conduct a virtual talk covering the importance of evidence-based medicine, its key aspects, features and relevance to everyday life. Cochrane UK is a global independent network of researchers, professionals, patients, carers and people interested in health. They are a not-for-profit organisation working to produce credible, accessible health information that is free from commercial sponsorship and other conflicts of interest.

Key Speakers:

  • Lynda Ware is a Senior Fellow in General Practice with Cochrane UK. Her background is in primary care and she was a GP partner in rural Oxfordshire for over thirty years with particular clinical interests in psychiatry and women’s health. Since joining Cochrane UK in 2014, she has visited many village halls and community centres around Oxford talking to non-medical audiences about Evidence-Based Medicine (EBM) and its relevance to everyday life. With a colleague, Lynda delivers presentations for students from Years 10 to 13 to teach about EBM and to encourage critical thinking, particularly around healthcare claims made in the media. She blogs about Cochrane Reviews for the Evidently Cochrane website.
  • Selena Ryan-Vig is a Knowledge Broker at Cochrane UK. Her role involves sharing Cochrane evidence in accessible ways, managing Cochrane UK’s website and social media accounts, and producing newsletters. With a colleague, Selena delivers interactive sessions to students from Years 10 to 13 to teach about evidence-based practice and to encourage critical thinking, particularly around healthcare claims made in the media. She also co-delivers talks for students to raise awareness of Cochrane and reliable, evidence-based resources. She has a psychology degree from the University of Bath.
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Next Steps Essex: Oxford & Cambridge webinars

Who for: Students (Y11-12)  |  When: October to May  |  Where: Online

Organised in collaboration with Emmanuel College, Cambridge, Next Steps Essex is a webinar series which equips Year 11 and 12 students from Essex with the tools to make a competitive application to Oxford and Cambridge.

Sign up on the Hertford College website.

Next Steps Essex on navy and teal background

Wadham Summer Schools: Biology & Human Sciences / Classics / Modern Foreign Languages

Who for: Students (Y12)  |  When: August (applications February-May)  |  Where: Oxford

Wadham College’s three Summer Schools give students realistic, first-hand insights into university life, providing intensive academic training in a chosen subject, and guidance on preparing strong university applications. Participants attend seminars, workshops / language classes, lectures, and participate in social activities with undergraduate mentors.

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Floreat: Humanities Access Programme

Who for: Students (Y12) from Hertfordshire, Norfolk, Suffolk  |  When: February to August  |  Where: Oxford & Hertfordshire

Balliol College’s Floreat programme is offered to Year 12 students from state schools in the college’s link regions. The programme offers the opportunity to engage with Oxford-style humanities teaching through after-school academic seminars and a 3-day residential summer school in Oxford.

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Unsung Heroes of Science: video competition

Who for: Students (Y11-13)  |  When: Spring  |  Where: Online

Hertford College’s Unsung Heroes of Science video competition challenges you to create a short video celebrating a scientist who deserves wider recognition. Shortlisted teams attend a celebration day in Oxford and get their creations highlighted on YouTube - previous entries have been viewed almost 100,000 times!

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Target Oxbridge

Who for: Students (Y12) from African/Caribbean backgrounds  |  When: Year-round  |  Where: Online, Oxford & Cambridge

Target Oxbridge is a free programme that aims to help black African and Caribbean students and students of mixed heritage with black African and Caribbean heritage increase their chances of getting into the Universities of Oxford or Cambridge (known collectively as Oxbridge).

The programme includes a residential in Oxford, student mentoring by black or minority ethnic Oxbridge graduates as well as many tailored sessions throughout the year. Since launching in 2012, Target Oxbridge has helped 81 students to secure Oxbridge offers.

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Target Schools

Who for: Students (Y12)  |  When: Year-round  |  Where: Oxford & online

Target Schools is Oxford Student Union’s flagship access programme. Run by a student committee, they offer Year 12 students the chance to come to Oxford for a day and shadow an undergraduate student. This includes everything from attending lectures, having a tour around the city, to having lunch in one of the college dining halls.

This is completely free and Target Schools can also offer a limited number of travel grants to those who would otherwise be unable to afford the journey. These events run several times every Oxford term.

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Independent visits

Who for: Students, Teachers, Families  |  When: Year-round  |  Where: Oxford & online

You’re welcome to visit Oxford independently at any time by going to see the colleges during their opening hours. When you arrive at a college entrance (known as a Porters’ Lodge) inform the people there that you are a prospective applicant and they should allow you to enter for free. Please check each college website for their visiting hours before your visit and feel free to email us in advance.

You can find advice for your visit here: Independent Visit Advice

If you’re unable to visit Oxford in person, there are plenty of online alternatives, including:

Please note that in-person visits are not currently possible due to Covid-19.

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UCAS Exhibitions

Who for: Students (Y10-13), Teachers, Families  |  When: Year-round  |  Where: Your region

Higher education exhibitions enable you to meet university representatives and industry professionals. These free events allow you to find out about a wide range universities and courses. You can also pick up copies of prospectuses and attend talks about student finance.

Find your nearest UCAS Exhibition and make sure to come and speak to us at the Oxford University stand.

Undergraduate Admissions and Outreach Newsletter

Who for: Students, Families

Keep up-to-date with all the latest news on undergraduate admissions, events and other opportunities from Oxford University. Sign up here: Undergraduate Admissions and Outreach Newsletter