Degree show
A still from a film by Julia Sklar

Julia Sklar

Student artists put on final exhibition

Matt Pickles

23 Oxford student artists will show their work to the public at the Ruskin School of Art's Degree Show this weekend.

The Degree Show is being installed in the Green Shed in Oxford and is available to view from 12pm to 6pm, 20 to 22 June.

Pictured above is an image from Julia Sklar's portfolio. Miss Sklar says: 'My work explores the universality of facial expression and the differing ways people attempt to conceal them. I am interested in western notions of feminine beauty and self-presentation. I work primarily in film.'

The Degree Show is installed in The Green Shed in Oxford. The private view is on the evening of 19 June and it will be open to the public from 20 to 22 June from 12pm to 6pm.

You can preview the work of the individual artists on the Ruskin School of Art's website or on the Facebook page.