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Champion for Women in Entrepreneurship

Professor Kylie Vincent appointed first Academic Champion for Women in Entrepreneurship

Professor Kylie Vincent from Oxford University’s Department of Chemistry has been appointed as the first Academic Champion for Women in Entrepreneurship. 

This is a new post, which will work in support of the priorities in the University Strategic Plan 2018-2023 and the Knowledge Exchange Strategy, around innovation and entrepreneurship.

Chas Bountra, Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Innovation) and Professor of Translational Medicine, said: ‘I am delighted to announce Kylie Vincent’s appointment as the first Academic Champion for Women in Entrepreneurship. Kylie brings a wealth of experience in entrepreneurial activities, including patenting, technology innovation, and research commercialisation, and is an active advocate for women in academia.’

Image of Professor Kylie VincentProfessor Kylie Vincent

Kylie will spend approximately two days per month in her Champion role, working with IDEA (Increasing Diversity in Enterprising Activities) and Enterprising Oxford, Divisions, Departments, the EDU, researchers and professional services supporting entrepreneurship, in order to support and enhance the University’s commitment to diversity in innovation and entrepreneurship.

The University Academic Champion for Women in Entrepreneurship will provide academic leadership for the discussion, and potential development and implementation of a Women in Entrepreneurship Strategy as part of the clear entrepreneurship objectives set out in the Strategic Plan and KE Strategy. She will also advocate at a senior level to help inspire, develop and support women interested in or already involved in entrepreneurship in the University. 

IDEA is a new initiative from the University of Oxford, designed to tackle some of the key challenges and inequalities faced by groups who are currently vastly underrepresented in enterprise and industry across the world. The first in a suite of IDEA initiatives is aimed at empowering, inspiring, connecting and upskilling more women leaders, business founders and pioneers.